IL-2 series autumn sale is on now!

If you were waiting on sale for IL-2 related content, wait no longer as 1CGS is offering some great discounts on IL-2 content in celebration of the autumn season. I’ve got some details for you right here!

66% off Battle of Stalingrad and Moscow, others for a bit less

The sale starts today (October 22nd) and will end on October 29th at 10:00 PST.

  • 66% off Battle of Stalingrad (Note: Steam users will need to purchase this first if they don’t already own it)
  • 66% off Battle of Moscow
  • 25% off Battle of Kuban
  • 30% off Bf109G-6, Hs129B-2, La-5FN (Series 2), Spitfire Vb
  • 40% off Ju 52/3m, Yak-1b (Series 127)
  • 50% off FW190A-3, La-5 (Series 8), P-40E-1, MC.202
  • 50% off 10 Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe

All of this content is available at the following prices on the IL-2 website store and most of them are available on Steam as well.

If you need more information on IL-2 aircraft, or especially the collector planes, check out my updated IL-2: Aircraft Gazetteer. I also have the IL-2 Series Buyers Guide 2018 edition and reviews of Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe for you here.

Rise of Flight is also getting discounts and there is a 66% off for all Rise of Flight content.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    But I already gots most of ’em….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s always the issue for me as well. These sales are more oriented at the mainstream adopters rather than the early adopters like ourselves.


  2. Mischiew Rithe says:

    I’ve never tried RoF, but I’m confused when I see all the planes, maps and options to buy separately o.O


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Rise of Flight has a different model where you can buy aircraft independently. Modifications are a separate purchase too.

      IL-2 series has gone away from that as has Flying Circus which is the spiritual successor.

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  3. TJR says:

    I was waiting for the sale to get IL2 Bo Moscow and the Yak 1 127. The 109E7/P40/MC202 dog fights I have had in the last hr were worth it! But! Lo and behold there goes all my money, this is why I can’t have nice things.

    Liked by 2 people

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