Video combines awesome DCS gameplay featuring SRS, r/WingmanFinder

Spudknocker has some great tutorial as well as gameplay videos on his YouTube channel but the latest one is a great example of what a DCS multiplayer scenario can be featuring realistic communications using SRS, a large scenario on Persian Gulf with long ranges, and ,at the core of it, some great teamplay! It’s shows off a substantial part of how great DCS multiplayer can be.

r/WingmanFinder helps you team up

The subreddit called r/WingmanFinder is pretty straightforward in it’s goal: to help DCS and other flight sim pilots find other players to fly with and the group description covers the basics:

A way to find a wingman to fly with in DCS and other flight sims.

Spudknocker put this group to great use by collecting a group of players to play a cooperative scenario with some scripted surprises and a whole lot of DCS great gameplay. This is also the longest range mission that the group has flown together.

SRS for realistic radio coms

I’ve talked about SRS (Simple Radio Standalone) before but to recap what it is – SRS is a simple piece of voice over IP software that lets you log into an appropriately setup DCS server and use realistic voice comms on that server.

To communicate, you need to dial in the appropriate radio channel on the cockpit in your DCS World aircraft or using the overlay for FC3 aircraft.

I was extremely reluctant to try SRS fearing that it would be difficult to operate and use but my experiences so far have been great. Using SRS on r/Hoggit’s Georgia at War server has been a simple and easy experience and one with an incredible level of immersion.

For more information and details on how to setup SRS, check out this thread on the official forums.

On to the video

The video features the team taking on  multiple layers of enemy defenses and some of the scenic terrain over the DCS: Persian Gulf map. The visuals are incredible and the sunset at the end of the mission is superb! This is a long one so get some popcorn and a beer ready and just watch as Spudknocker and his team take on a long range strike mission.




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