IL-2 devs show off squadron insignia for Bodenplatte career

The 1CGS development team is busy preparing patch 3.007 for the IL-2: Great Battles Series which will include four new aircraft, a couple of new career mode missions, and other options so the update this week was fairly light but it was surely a fun one. This week we got to see some of the new insignia for many of the Allied squadrons participating in IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte’s Career Mode and we also learned a bit more about the number of squadrons available total. Let’s check it out!

Thirty six playable Allied squadrons

Battle of Bodenplatte’s Career mode will include 36 playable allied squadrons plus another 40 AI squadrons which will fill out the huge battle space that Battle of Bodenplatte is being built around.

According to IL-2 developer Black Six, these include 18 RAF squadrons and another 18 USAAF squadrons. And they need squadron insignia to help mark them in the Career mode interface. Fortunately, we’re getting some well recreated options.

Works of art

Not all squadrons had an official insignia in the USAAF’s 9th Air Force while the RAF was standardized and consistent for each and every squadron. Where possible, it appears that the developers have gone with an historically accurate option but they have also stayed very true to the time and the style of art.

These are beautifully recreate insignia and we have a member of the IL-2 community to thank for it. Isaac ‘Spektre76’ Chavira is the community enthusiast who has been busy creating these and he’ll have more to do before the end.

Jason Williams also had some interesting information to share about the insignia:

USAAF squadrons had a unique approach to designing squadron insignia. The style was usually cartoonish and drew inspiration from animated movies which were extremely popular during the 1940s. RAF squadron insignia were very regal in their design sporting crowns, banners and even jewels. These insignia will be incorporated into the Bodenplatte Pilot Career later in 2019.

Jason Williams – IL-2 developer diary 211

The full list is not yet revealed but its close.

Just some of the squadron insignia available in IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte

Squadrons involved

Beyond the insignia revealed so far we know thanks to Black Six that several other squadrons will be involved.

No. 302 (Polish) Squadron ‘Poznański’ RAF and No. 317 (Polish) Squadron ‘Wileński’ RAF will be AI units,  No. 308 (Polish) Squadron ‘Krakowski’ RAF will be playable unit in the career.


When asked about the RCAF squadrons he listed a whole series of AI and playable groups:

No. 401 Squadron ‘Ram’ RCAF

No. 412 Squadron ‘Falcon’ RCAF

No. 416 Squadron ‘City of Oshawa’ RCAF

No. 443 Squadron ‘Hornet’ RCAF

+ AI

No. 403 Squadron ‘Wolf’ RCAF

No. 411 Squadron ‘Grizzly Bear’ RCAF

No. 421 Squadron ‘Red Indian’ RCAF

No. 441 Squadron ‘Silver Fox’ RCAF

No. 442 Squadron ‘Caribou’ RCAF


For the rest of the information check out the IL-2 developer diary and the discussion that followed for more information!

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  1. Rainer Diabl says:


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  2. HBPencil says:

    I like how we’re getting some Article XV squadrons, I hope the devs accept the offers for Commonwealth voice actors.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m pretty excited for these too! From what I saw, there was plenty of people from Canada, Australia and elsewhere lending a hand and some had voice acting experience. Very hopeful we’ll have a great voice pack there.


  3. Isaac Chavira says:

    I’m almost done making them

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