Success for JG1’s Flying Circus multiplayer event

Back before the end of 2018, JG1 and JG1_Hotlead hosted a multiplayer event featuring Flying Circus with the goal of trying to get as many players into JG1s new Flying Circus multiplayer server as possible. It sure looked like a success to me!

Cinematic dogfight moments

Though Flying Circus is still in the very early stages, JG1s multiplayer server was filled with virtual pilots for the better part of three hours with a constant stream of new and old veterans alike.

The dogfights had a cinematic quality with gaggles of aircraft in loose (and sometimes strict) formation, swarms of fighters attacking targets and dueling in the skies, and things breaking down into a mass confusion of Pfalz, Fokker, Sopwith and SPAD a-like.

It was my first time flying many of these WWI aircraft online and certainly my first in Flying Circus. For the series, which is still in its infancy in terms of the rejuvenated Rise of Flight to Flying Circus Vol 1 line, to bring in that many players in such a niche market for that kind of time suggests a pretty strong showing already.

Of course, I recorded a track file while flying and was able to go back and get some screenshots of the whole thing so you can see what it was like.

Don’t just take it from me

I’m not the only one feeling pretty good about the event in December, JG1_Hotlead who helped organize the event was pretty impressed if his recent video is anything to go by (he also offers a very generous shout-out about Stormbirds in there – thanks Hotlead!).

Don’t forget to check out his weekly flight sim stream on Twitch.TV as well.

A bright future? I think so!

If this event was any indication, the love for WWI flight simulation remains strong and Flying Circus has a hopefully bright future. This event went off while the title still doesn’t have its own map (the Arras map is expected to come later this year) and while it it has only four aircraft available to fly. With more aircraft, more variety, scenery and objects that connect it to the WWI theme, I think you’ll see Flying Circus’ appeal grow.

1CGS on currently track to deliver the rest of Flying Circus Vol 1’s content through the year (along with their partners at Ugra Media) and the Sopwith Dolphin and Fokker D.VII (and VIIF) are due next.

Can’t wait to see Flying Circus Vol 1 grow through 2019!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. rookieace says:

    Thanks for the shout out in your blog! 😀 Like you said, it looks like the love for WW1 aviation is still strong. I’m looking forward to the future, for sure! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. boxcarleader says:

      dude let me know when you are planning to do this again as i work for usps and could not make it last time … i think doing this once or twice a month would be beneficial to the WW1 community and help build interest in others.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. rookieace says:

        You bet! What’s your Il-2 forum name? I’ll message you if anything pops up again! 🙂


      2. boxcarleader says:

        [Pb]Boxcar… can i become a friend of your squadron …. kinda wanna get to know yall

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nil says:

    nice,thank you for let us know

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rookieace says:

      @Boxcar Sorry about taking a bit to respond! Didn’t see your reply here. 😉

      Sure! I’ll PM you with details. 🙂


  3. schurem says:

    WW1 aircraft are a very strong selling point for VR imo. So immersive and recognizable.

    Liked by 1 person

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