IL-2 patch 3.010b contains quite a few tweaks

I don’t normally write about hotfixes to IL-2 patches unless they contain a major bug fix or if they feature quite a few small fixes and patch 3.010b qualifies. Let’s have a look!

Mostly GUI related updates

The GUI (graphical user interface) for IL-2 has seen a few tweaks over the years but the one coming in 3.010 contains some of the greatest change we’ve seen. The simple and clean style that the series has had since launch in 2013 remains, however, there’s been a lot of small changes and tweaks for both performance and usability.

Here’s the extensive list of updates:

1. Full-screen map position won’t be reset after using the bombsight;
2. Text chat layout has been improved;
3. In-game chat shows previous messages when the Enter key is pressed;
4. Full-screen map transparency can be adjusted in the game options;
5. Airfield symbols in multiplayer have been updated;
6. Airfield symbols in multiplayer have additional elements showing the enemy threat level near it;
7. Threat level and amount of active players won’t be shown for enemy airfields;
8. Multiplayer statistics screen is only updated when it is opened;
9. Multiplayer statistics screen sorts the players basing on the number of points by default;
10. Multiplayer statistics screen remembers the selected sorting criteria;
11. Secondary targets information on the multiplayer statistics screen has been repositioned  ;
12. Servers protected by password and/or servers with a bad connection can be hidden in the servers list;
13. Frontline with the color specified as 255,255,255 will be displayed with correct colors like (0,0,10) since many created missions and campaigns rely on that;
14. Mission target markers have been adjusted for a clearer look while zoomed in;
15. Fuel and convergence sliders were made longer for easier use;
16. Mapping delete function in the game settings has been restored;
17. Ground object markers on the map have been made smaller;
18. Engine sound positioning has been improved;
19. Radio messages are made clearer;
20. Incorrect damage calculation has been fixed (a ricochet from a front lower hull of a tank could kill a driver or a radioman);
21. A random bug that could kill the Tiger tank crew after any hit has been fixed;
22. KV-1s and Т-34-76 aiming sights won’t flicker;
23. I-16 aiming sight has been improved like on other aircraft;
24. Example multiplayer missions Cooperative_Complex_Example and Dogfight_Complex_Example show how different symbols or lines on the map can be created;
25. Stutters in firing from plane turrets and tank machineguns were fixed.

Nothing here in this update is groundbreaking but these updates together continue to add up to a more polished product. It’s also great when 1CGS is able to push out an update fairly quickly after a more significant one like 3.010.

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