IL-2 dev diary focuses on tanks, map news, Marshal-feature

Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka is by far the most unique of the three titles that 1CGS announced well over a year ago when the revealed the future development for the series. Now we’re approaching a major update for the series with two new tanks and the Belgorod map entering into beta testing.

New tanks, updated systems and damage models

Getting the damage mode for tanks is an essential part of what a good tank sim needs. Modeling the quirks of tank fighting is important and essential for the kind of depth of gameplay required. Patch 3.010, launched earlier in the week, added some updates to damage models for tanks and that plays into their work on bringing two more tanks to the title.

The Panzer III Ausf. M and M4A2 Sherman tanks are next up for the project. The Ausf. M variant of the Panzer III was one of the last versions and it appears that we’ll have at least one variation with an optional 5mm hull and turret armor skirts (also known as “Schurzen”). My understanding is that this version of the tank had the 50mm KwK 39 L/60 which, when fitted with special tungsten high velocity rounds, were able to penetrate the T-34s sloped frontal armor at 500 meters and pose a threat to the heavily armored KV-1 tank.

The M4A2 Sherman is the next tank coming for the Allied side and this A2 version was shipped to the USSR in modest numbers with 4,102 delivered (and some shipped to China). The A2 version features a M3 75mm gun which can apparently penetrate the frontal armor of German Panzer III and IV tanks at 900 meters but struggled with the more heavily armored German tanks.

Map, tanks coming soon?

According to the update, the map for the series and new tanks are coming soon.

This week we finished the map of the Southern part of the Kursk salient while two next tanks, M4A2 and PzKpfw III Ausf.M, will follow soon. The new tanks and the map will be released into Tank Crew Early Access after beta testing.

Han, IL-2 developer diary #215

Beta testing may take some time but I don’t think it’s unfair to suggest that all of this content could be coming in 3.011 assume that the next patch may be several weeks out and that beta testing may take some considerable amount of time.

The Belogorod map

Updates over the last year have revealed all kinds of information about the map being designed for tank crew. With four times the resolution mesh, enhanced detail buildings, and a focused 100x100km map we have something very new and very interesting for the series

Previous images showed a very impressive scenery set and a map that works well with both aircraft as well as the tanks it was designed for.

More about the Marshal mode?

Though Han was talking mostly about the recent GUI updates and how difficult they were, it seems like they were done to serve a couple of purposes. One was improved performance (which players are mentioning on the forums) and the other was to help with the goal of implementing the new Air and Ground Marshal modes:

The majority of the changes are in the GUI and are required for the new Marschal [sic] multiplayer mode that is coming this Spring and will concentrate on the interaction with the map

Han, IL-2 developer diary #215

Though the Marshal mode is still a little murky in detail, Jason and Daniel did talk about it in my recent Q&A with them. Now we know that it is planned for this spring!

Updates just weeks away?

Although Tank Crew has been somewhat sparse on content so far (with just two tanks available), it’s about to get a major boost with its map and two more tanks. Here’s hoping for some great updates to come before too long – possibly in March sometime? We’ll know more before too long without a doubt.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    I would like to buy the map as a separate item, but appreciate that is not likely to occur.

    Wonder if the higher detail will have any effect on performance?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      The reason given for the map being 100x100km (or a bit more) setup is to accommodate for the extra mesh resolution. So, I would guess that it should perform fairly well despite the added details.

      You may surprise yourself and like the tanks more than you think. They look fun. I will definitely be buying into TC soon so I can report on it for everyone.


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