Jasta5 throws final Rise of Flight “Bloody April” campaign

Rise of Flight and Flying Circus based virtual squadron Jasta_5 has for the last 9 years held a virtual campaign based around the events of “Bloody April” and the 1917 offensive near Arras. This year they are hosting their last Rise of Flight based event while the group slowly transitions over to Flying Circus.

Last hurrah

Posting on the Rise of Flight Forums earlier in the day, J5_Baeumer indicates that the Jasta 5 group is going to be switching to Flying Circus. Before that happens, however, the group wants to send out Rise of Flight in proper style with “Bloody April IX.”

Here are the details:

Jasta 5 has been proud to put on the Bloody April event in Rise of Flight for the last eight years. Our event has changed with the community as we have continually tried to innovate through mission and campaign design to sustain interest in a simulation platform that is now without question out of date. We are absolutely going to have Bloody April IX on Rise of Flight in 2019, but it is highly possible that this will be the last one Jasta 5 hosts in Rise of Flight. While we (and this thread) is not intending to debate pros and cons of ROF over Flying Circus or to tell you to support 1C Studios by purchasing FC, Jasta 5 is actively transitioning into Flying Circus. We’re already planning to move Black September over this fall, if possible, following the anticipated release of the Arras map in FC.

The pilots of Jasta 5 would like to invite everyone who has flown Rise of Flight and Bloody April to join us in giving Rise of Flight a proper send off as a thanks for years of entertainment and comradery with friends around the world which many of us enjoyed for nearly a decade. A “last hurrah” if you will that people would be willing to come back for… just one last time…until our campaigns migrate over to Flying Circus. At the same time, we would invite those virtual pilots, new to the WWI air combat community and FC, to join the larger WWI air combat community in this campaign. In the end, we are all part of a larger community of WWI flight sim enthusiasts (and RoF is dirt cheap for anyone needing to purchase it in order to join in this world wide campaign that has regularly drawn 100 pilot registrations each year.

J5_Baeumer on the Rise of Flight Forums

The group is looking for pilots to weigh in on participation, format, and mission start times before setting up the event.

If you’re interested in sending out Rise of Flight in style with a mass organized multiplayer event, check the Bloody April IX Campaign thread out for more details.


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