New images of Bodenplatte map, S.E.5.a, Albatross D.Va, T-34

Development on the three IL-2: Great Battles Series titles continues and the developers are showing off the latest work on two aircraft, the interior of the T-34 and new images from the Bodenplatte map.

S.E.5.a and Albatross D.Va

The two latest aircraft in development include the S.E.5.a and the Albatross D.Va. The two fighters further fill out the aircraft lineup for Flying Circus Vol 1 as that title’s development reaches towards the home stretch. Two more aircraft and the series’ map are still due to arrive in the coming months.

The latest screnshots are truly impressive.

Bodenplatte map development

A major milestone was reached as all of the necessary buildings for the Bodenplatte map are now complete. So are the damage states for buildings and urban areas. Bodenplatte’s map is the biggest with a dense urban area and a wide variety of landmarks and buildings. Also under development are vehicles and we see our first in the form of the Willys MB off-roader.

The Willys’ shows off an additional level of detail that is now being poured into ground vehicles leaving me to think that the team may eventually aim to do a Tank Crew follow up covering a Western front scenario sometime in the future. At least, they are hedging their bets that something like that may appear.

Have a look at the screenshots!

We also saw some updated images of the T-34’s work in progress interior. You can see that and the rest of the Developer Diary update right over here on the IL-2 forums.

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  1. Novice-Flyer says:

    Do you think that we’ll see the release of the Bodenplatte map in June along with the P-51?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That is a distinct possibility. Jason indicated that the P-51 was due in June although he was worried that it may slip to July. Meanwhile it looks like the Bodenplatte map is making good progress – but I think they may have a ways to go yet.

      Two months? Possible but we may wait a bit longer than that too.


  2. rookieace says:

    Exciting stuff! Thanks for the update! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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