Second KOTA squad event write-up

Last weekend, Knights of the Air hosted their second squadron event and I was fortunately able to make the time for that and enjoy some more time on that IL-2 multiplayer server. I wanted to highlight a few moments and share some screenshots.


One of the best things about flight sim multiplayer is the potential for some large scale teamwork opportunities. Flying together as a flight or even coordinating strikes across an entire map is possible when you put in a little time and effort to do so.

The KOTA squadron events have really upped the ante for my multiplayer experience by offering a relatively flexible setup (i.e. I was able to join in with out too much pre-planning) while still offering great teamwork possibilities.

I was able to fly with the TBAS and HRAF groups, albeit loosely, in support of multiple combined strikes and defense missions.

In my first couple of flights I took out a Spitfire IXe and flew a scout mission and then a support mission for a strike on an enemy airbase. I was relatively unsuccessful with my first mission (being spotted and shot down), however, my second mission saw me chase away a Bf109 at high speed and strafe the enemy airbase target to assist in its destruction.

My second two missions saw me fly a Pe-2 and a A-20B with the HRAF squadron in a combined strike (with TBAS and other pilots on server) in strikes against enemy shipping. I was shot down both times with dramatic effects, however, I had a ton of fun participating and we dealt some major damage to the enemy. While our bomber missions were on-going, other pilots from different squadrons and individuals who joined in on the strike tried to keep us clear and keep the enemy at bay.

Fun times!

Coming off of this event, I feel like IL-2’s multiplayer is reaching an important point where there are now several established servers, established squadrons, squadrons are coming over from places like Cliffs of Dover, and interest and player numbers are growing.

IL-2 suffered from small (yet reliable) player numbers in multiplayer but this scene is changing. Berloga still appeals to those who just want to duel but when you want to team up there are so many options from Tactical Air War to Knights of the Air and the new Combat Box server.

If you haven’t tried IL-2 multiplayer, hop on one of these servers and check them out.

I also wanted to end by thanking everyone who participated in the event and to the organizers for letting me know and getting everyone involved. These kinds of events really draw the community together in a wonderful way and I was happy to be involved!

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