DCS: F-16C is now on Steam for pre-order

There were questions on if Eagle Dynamics would be able to get the DCS: F-16C on the Steam Store for pre-order. It worked with the F-14 and it seems to be working here too as the F-16C is now available on Steam with the 20% pre-order discount applied.

Viper on Steam reveals release date?

Checking the pre-order status on Steam and you’ll quickly see that the DCS: F-16C has a listed availability date of September 25th, 2019. While this may have some folks excited I would caution that this date is likely extremely tentative and we already know from our experience with the DCS: F-14 early access launch that dates listed in Steam Store can shift and move.

In the absence of an actual date, my understanding is that the Steam Store requires developers to give a hard date even if one isn’t prudent. Weighed against potential lost pre-order sales I’m assuming that Eagle Dynamics (just as Heatblur did) have pressed ahead.

Eagle Dynamics is wisely not giving an official release date at this point as release dates have a habit of shifting around. For now, DCS: F-16C is due sometime in autumn of 2019 and that means we’re just a few months away from that early access.

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  1. arkhamuk says:

    oops, my bank card just slipped 🙂

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      LOL that does happen!

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