Eagle Dynamics wants to know what your VR performance is like in 2.5.5

DCS World 2.5.5 was supposed to be a major update to the open beta release channel with some optimizations for VR that was intended to improve performance for everyone and in some cases add considerable performance improvements. Unfortunately not everyone has seen gains and Eagle Dynamics is looking to crowd source your VR performance numbers.

What’s your VR performance like?

For those of you with DCS World Open Beta 2.5.5 and using a VR headset, Eagle Dynamics really wants to know if you’ve benefitted or lost performance as a result of their intended optimizations.

Getting VR performance up is no doubt telling on just how impressive and big a feature like VR is becoming for a series like DCS World and Eagle Dynamics is hard at work to try and make their engine render more efficiently.

Here’s the full word from Matt Wagner:

Hey everyone,

In the Open Beta before last, we fielded the VR optimization; however, we have been getting very inconsistent results internally after building version 2.5.5. Some are seeing significant improvement; others are seeing a reduction in VR performance. We are seeing the same results with clients over the past week or so. As you might imagine, we are trying to pin down this discrepancy. We are unclear if it is based on drivers, VR set, graphics settings, VR settings, missions, etc. As such, we are asking for your help!

Using the TF-51D Instant Action mission Flight Over Tbilisi, please provide your average FPS in VR for the first few seconds in the current Open Beta. Then, run the same test in the Stable version that does not include the optimization. This allows us to determine the delta. Please turn of ASW! Please include in your report:

– FPS for both tests

– System specs

– Graphics settings

– VR settings

– Type VR set used and driver version

Matt Wagner on the DCS World Forums

So there you have it. If you have a VR set and play DCS World with version 2.5.5 open beta – why not lend a hand and contribute some data for first hand testing. Check out the details and individual DCS World players results here.

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  1. arkhamuk says:

    Looking forward to a bright VR future

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