PWCG now has IL-2 co-op multiplayer support

Pat Wilson’s Campaign Generator (PWCG) has been a presence and indeed a force to be reckoned with in single player campaign generation for IL-2 for a long time. Now, PWCG is making the jump to support multiplayer too with a very cool co-op mode. Let’s check it out!

Great for squad support

PWCG online will likely appeal to virtual squadrons out there that want to host their own dynamically generated missions that are designed to bring in multiple players. The scale is small right now with just 6-players being intended for now but I can see Pat gradually expanding the scope of the project as time goes on.

Here’s what Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer had to say about the new release:

Pat Wilson has been working hard on an genuine Co-Op Campaign system with squad progression and stats tracking etc. Pat has been working on this with our blessing for his PWCG app for a little while. If you or your squad has ever wanted to try such a thing, I suggest checking it out. We don’t have time yet to build such a system ourselves, but Pat has done it with our encouragement and we’d like you to try it with your squad-mates and let Pat know how you like it and help him squash any bugs.

Jason Williams

Months ago I also asked Pat Wilson what some of his goals were and how the whole project was going to go.

Here’s the vision for the coop campaign end state. A person – the campaign host – decides to run a campaign.  Think dungeon master in D&D, except the host can also play.  The host invites friends to join.  His friends register and make requests to create pilots.  The host approves of who can join and then approves each pilot.  This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of the hosts time.  The host can do things any way he wants, but the best way is probably to have a scheduled flying time.

Pat Wilson, author of PWCG

Honestly, for small groups and organizations that sounds spectacular. Again, I think and hope that we’ll see the project expand in scope as time goes on but for now Pat is starting with a little more limited alpha release and he’s asking for people to try it out.

Check out the announcement thread on the IL-2 forums here. Also check out the development thread on the IL-2 forums. Finally, go and grab the latest version of PWCG with co-op support on Pat Wilson’s website.

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