RAZBAM details major M-2000C updates

Thanks to their connections with Armée de l’Air and some hands on research with a real M-2000C simulator, RAZBAM has been busy making some major changes to their module for DCS World that will bring it even closer to reality. Here’s the latest.

New radar symbology, new controls

One of the first updates to come out this week are changes to the M-2000C’s radar symbology. The image, posted to RAZBAM’s Facebook page, show off some of the changes.

The Mirage 2000c Radar under rework… new symbols and targets data elaboration. Closing speed and target altitude will be included on new symbology.

RAZBAM Facebook page

There’s also new information from RAZBAM detailing how the PCA and HUD system work. Some of this is quite different than what it is currently.

Hello folks, here are the news regarding the M-2000C updates:

Pending review by our friends at the AdA, here are the changes to the PCA/HUD:

1. PCA and HUD are now independent of each other. So HUD mode does not depend on selected weapon nor master arm position.

2. Master Arm now just enables weapons release/fire. Setting to SAFE or ARM does nothing else.

3. HUD enters into AA mode when: Selecting CAN or MAGIC by using the HOTAS button, or by selecting Super 530D on the PCA.
EDITED TO ADD: Selecting POL also enables AA mode in the HUD.

4. MAG button on the PCA does NOT select Magic. It performs other functions.
EDITED TO ADD: The button preps the missiles and initiates MAGIC search, it does not select the missiles.

5. Selecting an AG weapon will NOT set the HUD to AG ATTACK mode. Only the PCA will enter into AG mode.

6. To set the HUD, actually the entire aircraft systems, into AG ATTACK mode the pilot must click the PIP HOTAS switch forward (it is the same switch that sets the Special Modes when in AA mode).
NOTE: The PCA must be in AG mode for the aircraft enter AG ATTACK mode, otherwise AA Special modes will be invoked.
EDITED TO ADD: PIP HOTAS will set the HUD/Aircraft in AG ATTACK mode as long as the selected weapon is an AG one, even if the PCA is in NAV mode.

7. With the HUD/Aircraft in AG ATTACK mode, clicking the PIP HOTAS switch forward again, will return the HUD/aircraft to NAV mode, but PCA will remain in AG mode. (To be confirmed)
EDITED TO ADD: Pressing forward the PIP HOTAS again does nothing.

8. With the HUD/Aircraft in AG ATTACK mode, clicking the PIP HOTAS switch back, will save the AG weapon selection and release parameters, return the HUD/aircraft to NAV mode, and the PCA will also enter NAV mode. (To be confirmed)
EDITED TO ADD; Confirmed, but the AG weapon remains selected

9. CAN and MAGIC can only be selected via HOTAS.

10. When selecting CAN or MAGIC, the radar will become active, even it the power switch is physically in the SIL position.
EDITED TO ADD: No, this does not happens when selecting CAN or MAG. Radar status remain the same.

A bit of confusion here. The PIP Forward/Back when in NAV or AA mode does set the radar on EMIT when the switch is SIL.

11. Upon deselecting CAN or MAGIC, by selecting PCA SELECT, the radar will return to SIL if the switch is in the SIL position.

12. Trying to select a weapon on the PCA when the system is in CAN or MAGIC modes is not possible (to be confirmed).
EDITED TO ADD: Confirmed.

Our goal is to have these changes ready for the next release. They are undergoing testing right now.

RAZBAM Facebook page

Bottom line with all of this is that the changes to the M-2000C module are significant. Some relearning is going to be needed to get up to speed on the Mirage. That said, these changes are also making it a more accurate more realistic model of the real thing and that makes me pretty excited.

As the note says, changes are expected for the next release. Stay tuned for more on this!


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