DCS: M-2000C RDI radar updates

RAZBAM is talking a little bit more about updates to their M-2000C module update with further upgrades to the RDI radar. Let’s have a look!

Keeping contacts in the cone

Radar is emitted from the nose of your average fighter jet in a cone shape. Adjusting the azimuth up and down lets you paint the appropriate part of the sky with the radar to allow for detection. Getting the way the radar works right is important for a combat sim like DCS world and it seems that RAZBAM is upping the ante here.

M-2000C RDI Test.
1. This is how the real RDI radar behaves
2. The pilot must work harder now to keep the contacts inside the radar detection cone. Knowing how to use the radar antenna elevation is a must.
3. Only the locked contact (TWS and STT) has continuous tracking.

RAZBAM Facebook

These updates combined with some of the other updates we’ve seen from RAZBAM recently are all building up towards a more realistic and upgraded M-2000C.

More M-2000C updates to come!

Last year many (myself included) were seriously concerned that RAZBAM was pressing too far ahead on new modules and not giving the released modules enough attention to bring them to a more complete state. This year we seem to have a whole different outlook and it’s going a long way towards repairing a somewhat damaged reputation.

Tying these updates together will be a major art update for the Mirage which will upgrade the visual look and feel of the cockpit. My hope is that the upgrade will have a transformative effect on the jet in a similar way that the AV-8B upgrades have.

This is all really good to see and it makes me encouraged. The M-2000C was one of the first third party modules for DCS World to really explode on the scene offering a unique aircraft experience. It was also my first DCS World level module (after the FC3 aircraft) so I hold the jet in a special place – despite not flying it all that much recently.

I am hoping this fall, once more of the upgrades are complete and the changes have settled down, to really get back into the M-2000C and make good use of it online and off.


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