Deka Ironworks adds HQ-7 to China Asset Pack

Deka Ironworks twin projects, the JF-17 and the China Asset Pack, continue their efforts to build out a wide selection of Chinese military hardware. The HQ-7 mobile SAM launcher is the next up for inclusion.

New addition to the asset pack

The China Asset Pack contains a small variety of assets that are being added to DCS World by Deka Ironworks. The HQ-7 fills in the short range mobile SAM role with the HQ-7, itself based on a copy of Thomson-CSF Crotale missile. The SAM uses electro-optical and command targeting and has a maximum effective range under ideal circumstances of 15km.

Back at the end of July we saw the work in progress untextured version.

Just today we saw the latest with the HQ-7 now in-engine and fully textured.

Anything new on the JF-17?

I’m not aware of any new information on the JF-17 since the last update in late July. Deka Ironworks is a developer that seems to work quietly behind the scenes and I suspect we won’t see much from them until the JF-17 is truly ready to go.

With the tag lines of “polishing features” and “squashing bugs” added to an image in the last update, it makes me suspect that the JF-17 is quite far advanced although efforts to launch it this summer are likely to pass by.

It is possible that both DCS: JF-17 and the DCS: F-16 project will come out together sometime this fall which may create an interesting situation for sales. I suspect that the DCS: F-16 will be the thousand pound gorilla but I also think that the JF-17 has attracted serious attention and may become a real favourite for players who enjoy PvP multiplayer scenarios and are looking for a more sophisticated fourth gen multi-role option to back up the Su-27, Su-25, MiG-29, J-11A and occasionally M-2000C that are most commonly available. By comparison the JF-17 will be able to do quite a lot more.

Are you interested in the JF-17? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    I have to say I find the JF-17 very interesting. The size and type of aircraft is the right mix for me, and I like anything that is not too conventional. My only hesitation is that Deka is a unknown developer and this is their first project. We have had more than a few pains in the last year, and after the failure of the Hawk I am a little hesitant to jump in. Also the announcement of the F-16 means that I get a classic American fighter by DCS.

    Once they JT-17 launches I will probably get it, I think if they do a good job it will be very interesting to see what China and Pakistan have made.


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