1CGS is looking for help on aces’ records for Bodenplatte’s campaign

Jason Williams, Lead Producer for IL-2, has made a call on the IL-2 forums to get more information on British and German aces during the 1944/1945 time period that Bodenplatte’s campaign covers. Do you have information that might help make the campaign feel a little more authentic? Now’s your chance to help out!

Needing references

The 1CGS team is looking to gather research resources on the Bodenplatte campaigns aces’, the days that they scored their kills, and what their tally was. Here’s the message from Jason:

We desperately need help locating and organizing a list of the top 40-50 (or as many as we can find) British and German aces for the period that BOBP covers which is from about Sept. 44 to April 45. We have the American list of Aces all sorted, but have no such organized data for British and German. Once again I save the hardest bit for least. I gotta stop doing that. 

Can any of you help us out. We have to crunch and get this done unfortunately. There doesn’t seem to be an easy source for this info so we turn to you guys. I can offer some compensation for your time and effort.

Jason Williams on the 1CGS forums

Think you can help out? Head over to the forums.

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