Eagle Dynamics shows off P-47, also shows Mi-24, Ka-50 cockpits

I’m a bit late on the DCS World Weekend News update (it’s a busy life!) but here are with updates on three projects that are developing at Eagle Dynamics right now. The P-47, Mi-24, and Ka-50 were all part of the update!

Mi-24 and Ka-50 cockpits

Fans of Russian helicopters got a bit of a treat as we saw the latest progress on the Mi-24 and Ka-50 helicopters for DCS World. The Ka-50 is of course the Black Shark and a module that has been with the series for many years now. The update is a refinement of the entire module with new exterior details and an all new cockpit.

This work in progress image shows us the flight stick and some of the cockpit instruments on the Ka-50. This is, of course, very work in progress but makes it clear that work is still ongoing.

The update will be free to current Ka-50 owners although a second version of the helicopter with some added features (such as IGLA air-to-air missiles) will be a paid upgrade. See comments on that here.

We also see the latest on the Mi-24 which shows progress on that module too.

The cockpit remains entirely untextured at this point but it does show ample detailing of the helicopter’s interior.

P-47 Thunderbolt exterior in-engine

We’ve seen the P-47D from Eagle Dynamics before but this is our first real image of the P-47 in engine.

One of the most anticipated WWII modules for DCS is the P-47 and we are excited to say it is getting close. We now have a brand new external model and cockpit in final phase of completion and our FM guru Yo-Yo is hard at work on the turbo-compressor unit and remaining FM issues. It shouldn’t be much longer before you will get your hands on this wonderful module.

DCS World Weekend News Update

We know from efforts that 1CGS put into their P-47 that the turbocharger is a challenging piece to simulate. As it is, the IL-2 version of the turbo system is very good but simplified in a few aspects (particularly around some unique failures), and it’s my guess that Eagle Dynamics version will have a more detailed version of those systems in place.

I think it’ll be more interesting to see how the modeling of the aircraft’s more basic properties play out as well. Eagle Dynamics paid to have an expensive and detailed computer model done on the aircraft’s flight characteristics so it’ll be interesting to see how those shake out.

It sounds like it won’t be too much longer for this module to finally arrive to DCS World.

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  1. SightFlimmer says:

    That must be one of the two forthcoming WWII maps behind the Jug. I see half-timbered houses. I see one Mediterranean cypress.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SightFlimmer says:

      On second thought, it could be the refurbished Normandy map.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Well spotted. There was speculation that the new map was stealth revealed but I wasn’t sure enough to post about it.


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