DCS Ka-50, Mi-24P, WWII Asset Pack updates

Most of this weeks’ DCS World News Update is centered around two helicopters in development for the series: the Mi-24P and the Ka-50. We’ve also got some news on a big WWII Asset Pack update.

The Black Shark gets a major upgrade

We now know a lot more about Eagle Dynamics proposed upgrades for the Ka-50 and they go beyond skin deep. Eagle Dynamics is conducting a graphical overhaul of both internal and external 3D models and textures to bring it up to the new DCS World 2.5 standard that we’ve seen on some of Eagle Dynamics’ latest work such as the F/A-18C Hornet.

For current owners of the Ka-50, the upgrades will remain cosmetic in nature. An avionics upgrade brings with it some significant new features as part of a paid upgrade:

  • IGLA air to air missiles
  • Missile warning system
  • Infra-red missile jamming system

Eagle Dynamics also indicates that they intend to clean up any remaining bugs and issues with the Ka-50.

The 3D upgrade to the exterior model, shown off in this weeks’ update, is impressive although it’s something we almost expect by default from Eagle Dynamics team of expert 3D modellers.

Two versions of the Ka-50

Unlike a past upgrade for the Ka-50 that required a paid upgrade to stay current, this new upgrade offers what amounts to two versions of the Ka-50. As I understand it, the Ka-50 as modeled currently is based on the prototype of the helicopter while the upgrades represent a more production typical example of the Ka-50.

This new upgrade path offers two options for current owners:

  1. Stick with the current iteration and maintain the current features and systems with a free cosmetic upgrade.
  2. Upgrade to the new avionics package that brings with it added features for a cost.

At this point its unclear if current owners will have an upgrade path with a reduced price or if they will be paying full price. Given the recent hoopla around the Hornet and the carrier under development and the offer of a discount for that future model for Hornet owners, I suspect that Eagle Dynamics WILL offer an upgrade to current owners.

Regardless, this is probably the best possible situation with Eagle Dynamics maintaining the current module at no cost with a substantial upgrade and then bringing new features to the table at cost.

Mi-24P update

The other news we have is that Eagle Dynamics is working hard on their Mi-24P module. The team behind that project is responsible for the Mi-8 previously added to the series and owners of that module, from what I understand, are very happy with how that helicopter turned out. The Mi-24P should offer another great helicopter to the list.

The Mi-24P is the next helicopter we are bringing to DCS World, created by the same the same team behind the DCS: Mi-8MTV2. This iconic attack helicopter will feature both front and back seat cockpits (including network and coop play). We are confident that it will be the most realistic simulation of the Mi-24P ever created and will add more outstanding game play for DCS World.

DCS World Weekend News update

We also have some very early new screenshots. These are very early as you can see but we do have a solid idea of what each position in the helicopter’s cockpit will look like.

A major update for WWII Asset Pack?

There are a long list of vehicles and aircraft still on the WWII Asset Pack list and Eagle Dynamics reports that they will be adding to that pack in a big way sometime this summer. For now we have some work in progress images of the Sd.Kfz.184 Elephant.

Last year we saw work in progress images of a C-47, A-20G and Ju88 as part of the WWII Asset Pack update. We haven’t seen those in some time but hopefully we’ll have more news on what’s included in this asset update as time goes on. Stay tuned!

12 Comments Add yours

  1. bigalrico says:

    DCS really wants to hook me up. First the Anton and now the Mi-24P….
    This heli is my Top 1 of all times (closely followed by the Huey and the Apache). I must resist!
    But to be honest, I will probably strike there. Everything for the hind!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blue 5 says:

    For some reason, the shot of the solider sitting on the Ferdinand struck me as hilariously camp


  3. Kevin W. Ray says:

    WHERE IS THE AH 64 Longbow Apache Simulation?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      There was some rumours that an AH-64 was in the works but we haven’t heard those for quite some time now. The first likely U.S. attack helicopter will be some form of the AH-1. The AH-1W seems to come up often as a possible variant.


  4. Stephen Parker says:

    Small problem for the Sd.Kfz.184 Elephant in Normandy. It never deployed in Normandy. It was used in Italy, notably at Anzio, and on the East Front at Kursk and then later in modified form but not in France. With so many vehicles in France why spend scarce design resources on a vehicle that never served in theater?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s a very good question. As some have speculated, this may be something destined for the free map that Eagle Dynamics is working on which will apparently have WWII and modern flavours.


      1. Stephen Parker says:

        Interesting. A map with modern and WWII relevance. It likely won’t be Kursk because of IL2 Tank Crew coverage and lack of modern significance and the Elephant pictured has a hull-mounted MG-34 not present on the vehicle variant used in its combat debut at Kursk. It could be Italy [11 Elephants] or various East Front locations. Italy is less likely to have modern relevance. DCS lacks late-war Soviet aircraft.

        The remaining 37 Elephants fought around Ternopil/Tarnipol in Western Ukraine and a remaining company fought the Soviet Oder-Vistula offensive in Poland with a few at the Battle for Berlin. With no Soviet WWII aircraft save the I-16 I can’t see that the new map will be in Ukraine or Poland.


  5. Kamil says:

    Hey !!!!, im really happy !!! Ka-50, is this PRESIDENT-S DIRCM and MWS system ? 2 sensors under belly ?, and will it be this ? https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/kamov-ka-50-hokum-walkaround/ bort number 25 !!!!!!! 🙂


  6. wookietbg says:

    Hey !!!!, im really happy !!! Ka-50, is this PRESIDENT-S DIRCM and MWS system ? 2 sensors under belly ?, and will it be this ? https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/kamov-ka-50-hokum-walkaround/ bort number 25 !!!!!!! 🙂


  7. arkhamuk says:

    I do like the Ka-50. Until they do an AH-64 Apache id pay for the upgrade if its discounted for existing owners


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