Wrapping up some DCS: F-16C, JF-17, M-2000C, and other updates!

There’s a bunch of smaller updates that came out over the last few days that I wanted to wrap up into a short summary. Let’s have a look at the latest on a bunch of different DCS World subjects.

F-16C gets a short start video

Matt Wagner’s already done a by the book start-up video for the DCS: F-16C. If you’re into that kind of thing the DCS World F-16 is already at least part of the way there for doing a by the book start. But if you’re feeling a little more impatient, like many of us, there’s also a quick start and at 2 minutes and 44 seconds… it’s quick!

If you’re looking for compelling single player content for the DCS: F-16C, mission creator Sedlo has updated his Red Flag and Eastern Friendship campaign missions with variations aimed at flying the DCS: F-16C.

Those missions can be found in the user files section of the Eagle Dynamics website.

New ‘GreenBox’ radio for the M-2000C

Part of the revamp of the DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM involves an upgrade to the cockpit. What we didn’t know that is now being revealed is that RAZBAM is in-fact also updating some of the cockpit equipment.

The M-2000C operated by the AdA apparently received an upgraded radio called “GreenBox” and it features a more digital interface for the radio control. As someone who found the old radio very awkward to use… this is amazing! Unclear if you’ll be able to use both or if this replaces the controls entirely.

RAZBAM also reports via their Discord channel that the roadmap for M-2000C updates goes as follows:

But I think is important to share the planned activities for the M-2000C (As I have done in other project phases) :
1. Finish the green box radio
2. Implement the new CM box
3. Grab all the reported bugs (on channels and pm, AdA, Discord,Forum, Facebook…) and merge with my buglist.
4. Fly to Orange and/or DCS sessions to verify some of them and the new cockpit with pilots and simulator.
5. Release new cockpit with high priority bugfix.
6. More bugfix and release in OB/Stable

RAZBAM’s Discord

JF-17 next video delay, new diagram, more

Deka Ironwork reports that they have postponed their next video because the creator of the videos is currently away. Where has this developer gone to? A JF-17 simulator of course.

Hi guys!

We are very sorry for the postpone of the video that the video maker is on a trip (see below).

Last Sunday, we’ve sent the QA review copy to ED. Hope everything goes well (Finger crossed). The QA is a milestone to us, but doesn’t mean completeness. However, today we re-visit the JF-17 simulator to demonstrate our enhanced FM implementation (including FCS characteristics under various modes and failures).

So as a compensation, we will release the HOTAS sheet this Friday.

Deka Ironwork on r/Hoggit

Speaking of diagrams, Deka has released the left and right cockpit panel diagrams for study.

Circling back to the JF-17 QA process, it appears that Deka Ironwork has submitted their JF-17 to Eagle Dynamics for the first time. The QA process should give a pretty good indication of how well the JF-17 is sitting right now with Eagle Dynamics and what work still needs to be done on it. It’s clear that there is still more work to do and it’s great to hear that they continue to verify their flight modeling with access to a real world simulator – that’s pretty incredible!

This all follow the prior news about the JF-17 visual updates that are currently underway. With luck we’ll see this module coming together soon!

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  1. Flappie says:

    Hey, thank you for this post. I noticed a typo: “Where is has this developer gone to?”.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks! Less typo and more brain fart 🙂


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