DCS development reports progress with AI, UH-1H multicrew!

DCS World Weekend News covered some information already released yesterday surrounding the DCS: F-16C radar, IFF and drop tank jettison features and the new AGM-62 Walleye for F/A-18C but today we learned two new pieces of information. Development on an updated AI is going well and the UH-1H Huey is finally getting multi-crew support! Yes! Also Modern Air Combat gets a mention for next week’s update.

Multi-crew the Huey

It’s long been asked for, long awaited, and it’s finally coming to DCS World as Eagle Dynamics announces that the UH-1H will be getting multi-crew.

This hugely anticipated feature is close to seeing the light of day. We have begun internal testing of multi-crew functionality for the Huey. The initial testing is progressing well, and it will allow two pilots to fly the Huey as a team. Pilots will be able to interact with each other’s panels, and it should be a beet fun addition to an already excellent module.

UH-1’s have been popular both in single player and multiplayer DCS World but adding multi-crew will hopefully further amp up the fun as players will be able to simultaneously crew the helicopter and operate the controls. I assume you’ll be able to have more players involved with the chopper’s mini-guns as well.

New GFM flight model for AI

Eagle Dynamics has hinted but never revealed that they were working on a new flight model for their AI aircraft. At the moment, DCS World AI aircraft fly using a very simplified flight model. My understanding is that its even more simple than the SFM that the old MiG-29 previously had.

AI sometimes perform odd maneuvers and fly in ways that just don’t look right to the eye. This will hopefully be remedied with this new update.

Last week we introduced some new skills for our AI pilots, and we want to thank you for the feedback. We are happy to hear that it’s making a big difference! We are also working on what we term the GFM (General Flight Model), and this is the new FM for the AI that you may have heard us hint at earlier. This FM will support asymmetric payloads, and naturally crosswind landings. We think this will make the AI pilots fly in a more realistic and human fashion. The GFM will not only simulate kinematic movement, but also true stability and controllability characteristics of the plane and their natural behavior at takeoff and landing. The current effort is on building variations of mass and moments of mass in flight. In the future, we will develop the principal functionality to support supermaneuverability.

DCS World Weekend News

This is a great development and something that should help everything from your E-3 or KC-130 to that MiG you were trying to shoot down but was flying in the weirdest of ways.

Looking forward to this future release.

Next week we’re going to learn more from the development team on DCS: Supercarrier and on Modern Air Combat (MAC) which we haven’t heard anything about for a very long time. Looking forward to that!

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  1. Vladimir says:

    Would be great to add to UH-1H model of UH-1Y with it’s capabilities.


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