DCS: Ka-50 cockpit revamp, Mi-24 news, plus other dev updates

Eagle Dynamics has been busy recently with recent updates on a revamped A-10C and recent Open Beta updates adding new features to currently in development modules. Now we’ve giot some updates on things like new sounds for the Spitfire IX, the team is busy working on the Hornet, the Viper, the Ka-50 and the Mi-24 Hind. Let’s have a quick look at everything they are talking about.

A litany of updates

We’ve got a ton of small updates coming from Eagle Dynamics this week. The Hornet had a bunch of fixes for the Walleye and its accompanying AWW-13 data pod. The F-16 now has a preliminary INS alignment system, and the FW190A-8 got some long awaited electric circuit fixes.

The team also provided updates on everything from the P-47 which is having a lot of work done on the internal model. ED is also talking about the new integrated voice chat. The first iteration of this will have voice communications while more advanced features like a room system will come later. This is a start but it doesn’t replace the immersion of something like SRS – that is something they intend to implement later on down the road in phase 3.

We’ve learned that the Mi-24P Hind that Eagle Dynamics is working on has now received UV mapping for most of the cockpit (this is a technique that allows textures to be correctly aligned on 3D surfaces) and the flight model is now 80% complete.

Finally, among many of the updates that I wanted to cover, we’ve learned that Eagle Dynamics is updating the missile flame and smoke effects as well as tracers. This seems to be part of a broader update that includes the visual updates to clouds that we’ve seen recently. They will all go a long way to making DCS World have a cohesive look in 2.5 and beyond.

Black Shark 3

It’s official that Eagle Dynamics will be doing a Black Shark 3 update which will bring the Ka-50 up to the latest standards in DCS World detailing. The new visuals are at the same level that we’re seeing from the F-16C and the F/A-18C. Have a look!

Here’s what they are saying about the update.

The new Ka50 3D cockpit model is already at the texturing stage. Remember, this will be a free enhancement for existing Black Shark owners. In mid 2020 we plan to release a brand new external model along with certain new weapons and avionics systems with even greater cockpit enhancements. The product will also come with new missions, mission functionalities and gameplay. This module will be named Black Shark 3 and will be available at a substantial discount for existing Black Shark 2 owners and at full price for new users.

We’ve learned in previous updates that the Ka-50 would essentially be split into two with both versions being at the highest standards in visual modeling in addition to the deep modeling that we already have with the Ka-50 Black Shark. The second version would come with added features representing a later production model such as the IGLA air-to-air missile, a missile warning system, and an infra-red missile jamming system.

As mentioned above, current owners get a cosmetic upgrade for free while new Black Shark 3 features will come at a discount for current owners. I would expect that this enhanced module will retail around the same price as the F-16 and F/A-18 and as for what the substantial discount would mean… that is anyone’s guess right now. Hopefully it represents at least a decent chunk of the cost of the module for current owners and still allows Eagle Dynamics to pay for the upgrades.

New sounds for the Spitfire IX

The DCS: Spitfire IX has received an auditory upgrade which many of you should be very happy about. Listen in to this video from Philstyle.

Check out more

There’s more on the DCS World Weekend News Update as well as the change log for DCS World Open Beta. Enjoy folks!

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