Check out Magz’ The Unprofessionals Podcast with Crash Laobi

A couple of weeks ago I was a guest on MagzTV’s new The Unprofessionals Podcast which was a lot of fun. The latest podcast covers some interesting topics alongside YouTuber Crash Laobi whose 60-second DCS World tutorials are extremely well known for their useful content and for Crash’s unique sense of humour. The podcast covers topics such as how to get people into flight simming, flight sim hardware, the difference between Flaming Cliffs 3 and full fidelity DCS World aircraft and more.

More ways to listen

When I posted about episode two nearly two weeks ago, many of you asked about new ways to listen to the podcast and I’m pleased to report that the Unprofessionals Podcast is now available on Spotify. UPDATE: It’s also available on Anchor.FM.

I’m told that they will also be doing an iTunes option soon.

You can listen to the podcast on MagzTV’s Twitch.TV channel live while each is broadcast and then catch them on Twitch, Spotify, or Anchor.FM.

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  1. ArkhamUK H.O.G says:

    Nice ill check it out!

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