Check out the DCS: F-16C wing flex video

Development on the DCS: F-16 includes everything from adding systems and features to tidying up the visual effects and textures for the aircraft. Yesterday, Eagle Dynamics released a short video showing off their work with wing flex for their early access DCS: F-16C module. It’s a cool video and I thought it was worth highlighting.

Flexing those wings

It’s kind of a simple feature in a way but wing flex is an interesting feature that gives aircraft a bit of life and when done it can be part of convincing your brain that you’re there having the experience of flying a fighter jet (or any aircraft really) through turbulence or a high-G turn or any other situation where your aircraft’s wing might flex.

Wing flex isn’t yet on the DCS: F-16C but it is coming and this video showcases what that looks like.

Reminds me that I need to get some flying time in on the F-16 sometime soon!

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  1. Paul says:

    That is just incredible.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of rig does one have to run to get frames rates like that with that graphical detail level? in VR.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Probably an RTI 2080 for that graphical fidelity in VR. My DCS looks like that without VR with a four year old Core i5, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1070ti.


      1. Paul says:

        Hmm, well I’m running a 3800x and a 1080ti. Maybe, just maybe I can pull it off.

        This video might just be enough to make me take the plunge and buy a DCS plane. I’ve been all IL2 until now but am jet-curious. The free Frogfoot doesn’t do it for me, my inner 14 year old has had a soft spot for the Falcon ever since Iron Eagle.


  2. Stephen says:

    If he’s flying NOE and dropping bombs, why does he have his nav lights on?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Likely because the F-16 didn’t launch into early access with nav lights and a few community members made a big deal about that. So, now every new video has nav lights 😎


  3. Stephen says:

    Maybe the red/green nav lights are Christmas-related?


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