Road to release for Heatblur’s DCS: AJS-37 Viggen

The DCS: AJS-37 Viggen has been in early access since 2017 and in the intervening two years, progress has been slowly made on the module. Now, Heatblur wants to push to the finish line and make the AJS-37 Viggen a complete module. In typical Heatblur fashion, they want to do that at the highest levels possible and we have an update from them on what’s coming next.

Release candidates

Coming with the most recent Open Beta, Heatblur has released the first of what they are calling “release candidate patches” which has included a bunch of new content. Here’s the breakdown:

  • NEW: Added “Wrath of Thunder” (Caucasus) Campaign
  • NEW: Added Pilot Body in Cockpit + associated keybinds
  • NEW: Added Ram Air Turbine (RAT) visuals. The RAT will deploy with weight on the front wheel.
  • NEW: Added Radar Night Filter (not clickable yet)
  • Minor tweaks to cockpit graphics.
  • Fix to TILS station being on the wrong end of a runway when landing in the opposite direction
  • Fix for afterburner not relighting after high alt flame-out
  • Increased max cockpit FoV
  • Sight ballistics improved for LD-bombs (tossing)
  • Fixed IRRB FRAMSTEGN (Sidewinder missile step)
  • Corrected issue where inputting wrong wind data would increase Bk90 accuracy

That’s a substantial amount of new information but it’s one step in what may be a couple of steps towards final release. No DCS World product is truly finished and some level of sustainment will be required to keep the module up to date and working with the latest DCS World features. Heatblur had this to say about that:

While DCS will continue to be a moving platform and we will have to continually fix bugs or make improvements, this brings our major feature roadmap to a close for the Viggen itself, and fulfills our content promises made on release day in 2017! We sincerely hope you agree that flying the Viggen over the last years has been an enjoyable experience and that these final additions justify your amazing support over the past years.

The full single player experience

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen has now launched a second part of their single player experience. The Mjollnir Response was part one of their campaign and now Wrath of Thunder has been released as part two in the series. Together, the two campaigns comprise the primarily single player experience for the AJS-37 Viggen.

That, however, is not the end of the story. Heatblur has decided to purchase the rights to Red Flag 16-2 Viggen Campaign created by the infamous Bunyap and Matt “Wags” Wagner and will be making this campaign available to current DCS: AJS-37 owners for free. Watch the trailer below to check it out.

Adding in the pilot body and RAT

Two new features on the AJS-37 are the RAT (Ram Air Turbine) which automatically deploys with weight on the front wheels on landing. The appearance has been tweaked and will be coming soon.

There’s also the in-cockpit pilot body. This is a request from many players and now will be available along with maps and other information displayed. This feature is now available in their RC1 release in the latest Open Beta but will be further tweaked in the RC2 release coming soon.

New sounds and textures as well

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the AJS-37’s sounds in DCS World but Heatblur has gone further to ensure that the module has the latest sound features and that they are accurately recreating the sounds of the Volvo RM8 engine.

There’s also nothing wrong with the Viggen’s exterior textures which are among the best in DCS World, but Heatblur still is pushing forward and has an update for their exterior textures as well.

End of a successful dev cycle?

All of these new features are coming in RC2 – slated for sometime in the new year. It’s exciting news for fans of the module. While the Viggen has been overshadowed by other releases in 2019 including Heatblur’s own DCS: F-14, I still think the Viggen deserves some time in the spotlight.

Even in it’s current state, the Viggen is a complete DCS World full fidelity module experience with plenty of charm and interest to keep players going for a long time. No matter if you’re a single player or multiplayer pilot, the Viggen can be lots of fun and brings with it all kinds of fun features. It may have taken a couple of years but the Viggen has been a great module to fly for most of it’s early access release history which made it’s status as “early access” a fairly easy one to stomach. With new content arriving now, it’s made all that much sweeter.

Last month I started doing a little flying with the AJS-37 again with the intention of flying the module more and hopefully getting into some multiplayer battles before too long.

I still have some work to do but I am excited to fly this module even more now that I know that Heatblur is pushing towards a quality finish. Can’t wait!

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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Trickling away improvements and features has at least an advantage, people come back to each module once in a while to test it and get reacquainted.

    The RAT made me smile, there were endless posts on how it would activate, then how it disappeared, would perhaps come back, … There must be something about small fans that touches people, there was a similar story with the Mi-8 😉

    They managed to find a completely different aircraft with the Viggen (not sure how they got that idea?), it’s really unlike anything else. It’s always interesting to come back and taste something different and alien, it’s like mapping parts of the brain that were not supposed to work like that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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