Check out ‘Kaiserschlacht’ mini-campaign for Flying Circus

In my recent review for Flying Circus, I gave the content of the new expansion good marks for just about everything except for single player which was lacking a Career mode or campaigns to really make it everything it could be. Fortunately, with the tools provided by the developers and a community effort of some very talented mission and skin makers, we have our first community mini-campaign and I’m very excited to check it out!

Six missions covering three days

Fly the Fokker Dr.I or Sopwith Camel in a three mission (each) mini-campaign named either “Kaiserschlacht” or “Spring Offensive.” The campaigns cover the same three days from both sides of the war providing some interesting perspective as you experience the same basic events but from different angles.

SYN_Vander, a community member and an IL-2 tester, provided the heart of the organization behind this project but there was plenty of community input from other members including the creation of some historical skins to match the scenario.

Installation is easy

There are two packages to download – the campaign itself and then a skin pack to go along with it. Unzip them both into your main IL-2 folder and it should put the files all where they need to go.

See the following thread for more details and see some of the community process that helped make this mini-campaign possible.

I’ll be checking it out and posting about it here soon! This is just the kind of thing that Flying Circus fans need to help get more out of the Flying Circus experience.


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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Just what FC needed! It’s an interesting development, nice to see how volunteers jumped on the wagon so quickly to make this work 🙂

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