What I hope to see in Flying Circus Vol 2

Flying Circus Vol 1 has been out for long enough that I’ve started to give some more though towards what the future might hold for this series within the IL-2: Great Battles collection of titles. Although Flying Circus Vol 1 isn’t perfect (read my full review here), nearly every time I fly it, I am filled with a desire to see this title expand and so I am hoping for more with Flying Circus in the future. Here are some key items that I’d love to see come to fruition this time around.

A bigger map

The cathedral in the town of Arras. The map is small but well detailed. (Flying Circus Vol 1)

First on my wish list is to see a larger map space than the current Arras map. I have no trouble understanding why 1CGS decided to go with a smaller map as there were plenty of time considerations and Yugra media were creating their very first map for the series so smaller scale is nearly always better when it comes to these kinds of things.

Arras’ smaller size hasn’t been a huge issue for me as both multiplayer and single player experiences can fit well enough inside the map space. On the other hand, we’ve been spoiled by much larger maps in the past both for Rise of Flight and for the IL-2 series and so it’d be wonderful to have more variety and versatility in a future map.

I have an idea how that could work as well. IL-2: Battle of Normandy will be releasing with a Normandy focused map that also extends well to the east including places like Dover, Calais, and more. Coincidentally, part of this map is covered by Rise of Flight’s old Channel Map. Would it save time for the map team(s) to create a WWI and WWII variant of this map? It’d certainly be interesting to see if something like this happens.

Sopwith Camel near Dover (Rise of Flight)

More aircraft variety

The ten aircraft selected for Flying Circus Vol 1 were absolutely the right aircraft to choose for a Vol 1 release. Representing most of the top aircraft purchased and flown in Rise of Flight, these aircraft are all competitive and iconic representations of the late WWI air war and they make complete sense.

Now that we have those types, I’d love to see a few more of the same but also some added variety and versatility. The Handley Page 0-400, the Gotha G.V bombers with their twin engines and multiple gun turrets are among the largest combat aircraft of the war and would add a new dimension to Flying Circus’ current air battles.

A few have even wondered when we’ll see the Felixstowe F.2A flying boat and Brandenburg W12 sea plane.

More French aircraft

Breguet 14.B2 comes under fire (Rise of Flight)

The SPAD XIII was a great beginning for French aircraft in Flying Circus but of course it’d be great to see other iconic types like the Nieuport 17 or Breguet 14.B2 added to the mix or even the earlier Spad VII – thought I’d prefer to see other types first.

A full Career mode and plans for Scripted Campaigns

Rise of Flight’s career mode

Flying Circus Vol 1’s biggest issue was it’s lack of single player content at launch. Although a fan made Scripted Campaign and a couple of campaign and mission generators go a decent way towards starting to redress that issue, I’ve seen more than a few comments on forums and on Reddit where people were shocked to learn either before or after purchase that no Career mode was available.

In fairness to 1CGS, no Career mode was ever planned or even hinted at and so the team has been very upfront with us about that issue. Nonetheless, it remains an issue. A future Vol 2 should go all out and make sure that both Vol 1 and Vol 2 have Career mode built in – it will only strengthen the series.

The elephant in the room?

A Fokker D.VII and Bristol F.2B fight in the skies near Arras (Flying Circus Vol 1)

All of this assumes that Flying Circus Vol 2 will be made at all. The elephant in the room right now is that while 1CGS has announced their plans for IL-2: Battle of Normandy, they have made no such announcements about the future of Flying Circus (or Tank Crew for that matter).

That, however, may not necessarily mean anything. Flying Circus Vol 1 was made in part by engaging Yugra Media to help re-build the aircraft assets for the new Digital Warfare engine. Partnerships need to no doubt be renewed for a second round which may take some time.

The publisher for the IL-2 series, 1C, may also be evaluating sales over a longer time to see if Vol 1 has the sales volume to make a Vol 2 attempt worthwhile. That does pain me a bit as I think that a Vol 2 development cycle would not only sell more (if they add critical things like a Career mode) copies of Vol 2, it would likely also bolster sales and entice more people to buy Vol 1.

Just as IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban each have provided benefit to the other by adding variety and scope, and IL-2: Battle of Normandy will add to IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte in a similar way, a Vol 2 for Flying Circus I think would help put it over the edge. A second volume would also show confidence in the series and that may also seek to help bolster the sales of Vol 1 if the promises of Vol 2 helped to entice.

Here’s hoping!

Battle of the two seaters (Flying Circus Vol 1)

While the future remains a little murky at this time, I am still hopeful for a Vol 2 to Flying Circus. The Vol 1 in the title does suggest to me that they have made plans for a Vol 2 and maybe even a Vol 3 and 4 in a design document somewhere. That one isn’t announced yet is not cause for alarm and there is plenty of time for 1CGS and Lead Producer Jason Williams to eventually address questions on that.

For now, Flying Circus Vol 1 continues to be very entertaining for me as I regularly participate in the Thursday Night Fly-in events and occasionally make the Sunday afternoon Flying Circus Furball. These events are increasingly well attended as more squadrons and organizations from Rise of Flight move to the new platform and the updated sim.

With the community helping to fill in the blanks with a scripted campaign, a huge community skin pack, and weekly multiplayer events, it should be clear to 1C and anyone else looking in that this series has a dedicated fan following – one that has potential to expand.

I really hope it does!

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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    As you said, for the devs it all depends on sales potential and also available capacity.

    I really hope, as you do, that this series will be continued and that a career mode, more planes and maps etc, will be included.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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  2. Novice-Flyer says:

    I feel that the devs should have waited until they were ready to implement a Pilot Career into FC1 before starting development of it. I mean $100 CDN for FC1 that lacks a Scripted Campaign and even a Pilot Career (Other than PWCG/community campaigns, missions) when RoF and all other IL-2 GBs installments have one is kind of a bit over the top for $. Yes RoF and IL-2 GBs didn’t have PCs until later in development. BTW, this isn’t meant to be an attack towards the devs.

    Anyway, I hope that FC2 has maps and or planes that weren’t in RoF as that would help to promote sales of it.


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  3. Blue 5 says:

    I would love to have a BE series and similar for Vol. 2 but I fear that the vote would be for SSD.4s and Snipes. I love the really early, old things but appreciate that they are not best-sellers.

    Not sure it would ever happen, but a Caporetto map would be a bold move.

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  4. Screamer says:

    I love WW1 aviation and enjoy WW1 dogfighting more than WW2 or jets. But FC1 is a bit meager. I would still instabuy FC2, i want more. A pup, a strutter, Nieuports, more twoseaters, early Alb’s, A new map, but 1917 would really be great for a bloody april scenario on the current one.

    By the way, really been enjoying myself with the Kaiserslacht/Spring offensive campaign


  5. Simfan says:

    IMHO FC vol 1 was superb … (having only flown Red Baron before though).
    It would indeed make little sense to release something like Vol I if there was never a Vol 2 planned.
    FC II would be an instant buy for me … nothing beats shooting down ballons and who knows … Zeppelins in Vol II !?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’d be fun if they were able to add some airships into the mix! They never did them in Rise of Flight due to tech concerns but it’d be a really nice thing to do for sometime this time around.

      Flying Circus is superb. A little weak on single player content but the aircraft experience itself is just so incredible!


  6. Percy Danvers says:

    I really hope we can see more modules of both Tank Crew and Flying Circus. These are both concepts that will take several releases to achieve their potential, though I think it’s well worth doing. I mean, Great Battles didn’t really come into its own as we know it now until Battle of Kuban.


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