IL-2 Lunar New Year Sale includes 25% off FC, 75% off most other titles

The Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is coming up on January 25th and that is occasion enough for 1CGS to offer up some great discounts on the IL-2: Great Battles Series including 25% off for the first time on Flying Circus Vol 1 and 75% off most other titles and content in the series. Here are the details!

Sale details

According to a post made by Jason Williams earlier today, 1CGS is offering a short sale starting today and lasting until the 27th on Steam and the 29th on the IL-2 website with some notable discounts on most of the series.

Here are the details:

  • Flying Circus = 25% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
  • BOS = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
  • BOM = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
  • BOK = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
  • All released Collector Planes – 75% OFF  (Except P-38 and Fw-190 D-9) (Webstore and Steam)
  • Blazing Steppe = 75% OFF  (Webstore and Steam)
  • Fortress on the Volga = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
  • Ten Days of Autumn = 75% OFF (Webstore Exclusive)
  • Havoc Over the Kuban = 75% OFF (Webstore Exclusive)
  • Achtung Spitfire! = 75% OFF (Webstore Exclusive)
  • Cliffs of Dover: BLITZ – 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore Only)
  • All Rise of Flight Content = 75% OFF (ROF Webstore and Steam)

Flying Circus Vol 1 is receiving a 25% off discount right now which is interesting as it’s been the topic of discussion recently in the community with plenty interested and concerned on if Vol 1 will be the only entrant in the series or if a Vol 2 will be created.

I have high hopes that the 25% discount will both offer a more tantalizing deal (along with the recent increases in single player content including a newly included Scripted campaign first generated by the community) and also hopefully lead to plans to create a Vol 2. The discount hopefully makes the 10-aircraft package more appealing and changes the value discussion slightly. If you’re on the fence, you can read my Flying Circus Vol 1 full review right here which might help making an informed purchase.

Of course, 75% off deals on the rest of the series continue to offer a great way for new players to “catch up” and collect all of the previously released content as the series continues to expand.

Not included in the sale is IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte which is just too new to be included in any sale. I would expect to see that go on sale sometime late this year.

Check out sales on Steam and on the official IL-2 web store.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    And the Steam sale finally started! DCS has had a sale on for a while, but only started on Steam yesterday.

    Pretty hot prices for IL2. Kuban premium for $20 and collector planes for $5. Very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Lots of good deals!


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