Bushplane simulator Deadstick still alive!

Not everyone is aware but a small developer studio called REMEX Software made up of some experienced developers have combined their passion for gaming with their passion for flight and have been working on a project called Deadstick. There hasn’t been much in the way of news from them for months, however, a recent press release indicates that the team is still working away on the project and we’re learning more and more about what kind of sim this is going to be.

What is it?

Deadstick is set in a fictional world that is heavily based on real world locations like Alaska and Idaho and features you the player as a bush pilot flying cargo and fighting against the elements. It’s an interesting concept that takes both study level flight simulation seriously as well as what looks like a compelling single player experience that will see your pilot get in and out of the plane.

The sim is non-combat but the developers have said that the harsh environment and first person mechanics should make things plenty interesting. Maintaining your aircraft, ensuring the cargo is delivered correctly, and dealing with the weather are all part of the experience.

Interesting concepts that have not been well covered by other sims but Deadstick seems to be making an effort to do things differently. As a result, a lot of people are keeping an eye on this and it’ll be interesting to see how it develops over time.

The latest news from the developers

The developers of this sim haven’t said much for several months, however, a release yesterday cleared up some concern and gave us some indication of the scope of the project.

Greetings Deadstick community! We know we’ve been absent for a while. The truth is, everyone has been working really hard to make this game everything it can possibly be. We’ve encountered a few hiccups on the way and setbacks we weren’t originally anticipating, and this meant we had to push back our timeline. Without anything new to share, we thought it would be best to keep quiet, than to make any promises we potentially couldn’t keep. This was not the right way to do it and for that, we’re sorry for letting you down. What we do want to do is reassure you that Deadstick is still very much in development. Now that we are past the bumps, we are in a good place with the game and are very excited about heading towards Early Access. We can’t promise a timeframe for this – The last thing we want to do is let you all down again. What we can say is that everyone involved in the project is trying their best to make sure it’s ASAP without compromising quality, graphical fidelity, polish, and, of course, that raw realistic feeling we want the game to capture. We really want to make sure that everything is as spot on as it can be and that it meets the community’s expectations. How are things going to change from now on? Well, for starters, we promise to be more active and communicative. As Community Managers, Frandroid and Sophie will be around during the work week and always up for a chat, and to address any questions or concerns you might have. Chris might pop in every now and again, but both him and the team are focused on Deadstick at the moment, so this might not always be possible. Again, we are truly sorry for the way we have handled things so far and hope that, in time, we can turn things around and make the Deadstick community proud! Deadstick Team

Deadstick team announcement on Discord

Clearly the project is pushing forward although its hard to read between the lines on exactly what the team has been confronting for the last several months. Still, Deadstick remains an interesting project and a potentially unique and maybe even slightly groundbreaking sim that the flight sim community might be very interested to see as it moves along.

I’ll periodically be checking in to see where this project is!

In the meantime, be sure to join them on their Discord, Facebook, and official website.


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  1. LD88 says:

    I’m glad to hear Deadstick is still in the works. I love the idea of what they were proposing with challenging, seat of your pants kind of flying & some more immersive aspects with the maintenance, etc. I’ve toyed around a bit in XP11, with the Supercub, Stinson, and the like along with the Propstrike studio & similar mods. Its a lot of fun, but still leaves me wanting more that XP11 isn’t good at – like realistic off paved runway behaviors (landing on sand bar, side of hill, etc) & helo’s (much prefer DCS for that). I’m hoping with the focus that Deadstick has that it will scratch that itch… Good luck to them!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Fingers crossed. I haven’t done any bush plane simulation piloting but I think it sounds really cool.

      I think between this and MSFS and their XCUB it could be a good year for this kind of thing. Fingers crossed!


  2. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Great! I’ve been wondering when they’d give some news.

    For those who don’t know them, there are a few videos on their channel, two of which demonstrate what’s already there and what they have in mind (the last two)

    I really like how they give extra freedom, like for example being able to get out of the plane, walk to the briefing room and get the NOTAMs and weather briefings from a computer, decide whether or not to declare the goods and suffer the consequences, and so on.

    It looks like they focused on the depth of immersion rather than the number of airplanes, I like that.


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