First IL-2 dev update of 2020!

The 1C Game Studios team has been a bit quiet going into early 2020 as their team comes back from vacation and they press on with some new goals for the new year. Here’s a few details from the latest Developer Diary and news on what is coming in the next patch as well.

Big picture updates for the new year

The first update for 2020 is not a very long one but it does give us some themes that the team will be working towards in the new year. The obvious one is the new IL-2: Battle of Normandy title that the team is working on with all of the research and initial design efforts that go into building an IL-2: Great Battles title.

That also includes work on new aircraft models which is apparently now well under way. Of course these things take time and so expect to see the first of the Battle of Normandy aircraft modules coming sometime in the spring – that’s my guess only.

Another item in the update that is probably part of a theme for 2020 is something that I already reported on recently:

We’re researching the possibility of moving the rendering engine to Deferred Shading tech.

IL-2 developer update

This has the potential to really boost the visuals for the IL-2 series and particularly the way that lighting and shadows work on screen. That does have some in the VR community concerned that the new rendering method may impact on performance and of course at this point we really don’t know – I do have high hopes that 1CGS can pull off both a great visual increase and a small change to performance. That is extraordinarily tough and it is always the case that as series evolve, so to will the hardware requirements and that will always be an issue with a series like IL-2 that has a common core.

Coming sooner than later

The next patch is being worked on and the developer diary reports that there will be some interesting additions in this patch.

First, new airbases for the Rhineland map are coming along with revised rendering for riverbanks. The airbases are likely to fill in a few missing gaps as part of the map and I’m sure they will be welcome additions to those looking for even more historical bases to fly out of. The reiverbanks are a more subtle yet important effort to further polish the map and it’s great to see.

The update vaguely alludes to some other updates which we will surely find out more about as the next patch approaches. One more significant piece of content coming for Tank Crew folks is the Panther tank which is one of the last remaining pieces of Tank Crew content coming before that title is officially confirmed as released.

Though perhaps more of a quiet update to start the year, the 1CGS team has plenty of ambition in my experience and they tend to release information about new features and major efforts only when they are more ready to show things off.

We’re hoping for a great new year for the team and hopefully some big news stories as the series develops in 2020. Battle of Normandy should be a great addition to the series!

For more, read the latest developer diary!

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