Deka offers Lunar New Year update on JF-17, more!

The DCS: JF-17 appears to have been a bit of a hit in DCS World with plenty of people taking a liking to the previously almost unknown joint Pakistani-Chinese fighter. Deka Ironwork Simulations has offered up a short but informative update on their plans for the JF-17 as well as the China Asset Pack and on their plans for a future follow-up module.

JF-17 bug fixes, new features, and more!

Development continues on the the JF-17 with the developers for the module focused on bug fixes… or rather they will be after the holidays are over. They have identified four core priorities for the module:

  1. Bug fix for better game experience
  2. Improve cockpit model/texture
  3. More liveries and skin template
  4. Start the dev of AAR and will try our best to finish it before this Fall

All of those sound great to me. While the JF-17 is a very impressive module with a ton of features, it’s also one that still needs a few rough edges smoothed over and so bug fixes are appreciated along with further improvements to the visuals for the JF-17’s cockpit.

While functional, the cockpit really needs some more work to measure up to the latest that we’ve seen from other developers including Eagle Dynamics F-16C, Heatblur’s AJS-37 and F-14, and RAZBAM’s recent updates to the M-2000C and AV-8B.

Another area that Deka Ironwork Simulations wants to work on more is with the air-to-ground radar and they are awaiting some API updates from Eagle Dynamics to be able to do that.

The major dev/feature of JF-17 has been finished, and we need to wait for a more completed A/G radar API provided by ED. Thus, more effort will be on bug fix by our avionics team.

Deka Ironwork Simulations on the DCS World forums

This all sounds great for the future of the module.

China Asset pack updates

Eagle Dynamics mentioned Deka Ironwork Simulations China Asset Pack specifically when they were talking about their future free DCS: Marianas Islands map and it appears that Deka is busy planning some new content to help further develop the pack in preparation for the launch of the new map.

They included mentions of the Liaoning aircraft carrier, J-15 AI (a navalized Chinese J-11 that loosely looks like a Su-33), Type-071 Amphibious Transport Dock AI, Type 093 SSN AI, and a Sovremenny Class Destroyer AI. Finally, Deka teases that they want to include a long range bomber to the AI asset pack list as well. That would likely be a variant of the the Xi’an H-6 which was developed from the Tu-16 and the most recent versions are the most dramatically different and are equipped with more modern Chinese equipment and armament.

Ideal for operations over large bodies of water and a great asset to become part of the pack.

Future module plans

The update also incorporates some plans for what Deka Ironwork Simulations intends to do as their follow-up to the JF-17. They have some ideas and have not yet settled onto a specific aircraft yet although they joke that they now have glass cockpit PTSD and are interested in doing something with a unique and interesting design. They are also looking at fighters as being on the lowest of priorities.

In the past, both the Xian JH-17 (NATO reporting name Flounder) and the Nanchang Q-5 (NATO reporting name Fantan) have been floated as potential ideas. The Q-5 is a development of the J-6, which itself is a development of the MiG-19 although you would have to look very closely at the Q-5 to see the MiG-19 in it. The Q-5 is operated as a ground-attack aircraft and was in production as recently as 2012. The JH-17 is very interesting as a tandem, two-seat, strike fighter similar in role to the Su-24 or Tornado and have been produced since 1988 until as recently as 2017.

There may be other aircraft that they decide to do but it will be interesting to see further additions to DCS World from these developers.

See the full update right here!

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