Team Fusion shows off new video, Wellington, He111 torpedoes

Team Fusion is continuing to work towards their version 5.0 release and their North Africa expansion to the IL-2: Cliffs of Dover series. With dozens of new aircraft models and a North Africa map, Team Fusion has been slowly showing off new content as it’s finished and implemented. Lets have a look at some of the latest info they have released.

Halfaya Raid video

The latest video out from the team is a bit cinematic showing a raid on the Halfaya area (the site of the Halfaya pass battle) with Martlets, Tomahawks, and Wellington bombers attacking the target area.

Most of the visuals are from the ground but it does give the opportunity to appreciate the sounds of the simulation and visuals of the new map. Have a look at this latest video posted to their YouTube channel.

Torpedoes and Wellingtons

One of the features coming in TFS 5.0 is the ability to drop torpedoes on target and so one of the most recent updates shows the He111H-6 modified for torpedo use. It’s a beautifully detailed He111 and the torpedoes look pretty spectacular hanging underneath.

Coming soon as a flyable in 5.0 is the Wellington Mk.Ic. The latest screenshots are showing off what appear to be the finished exterior of the model.

Finally, another post made recently by Team Fusion shows off their modified Spitfire Vb HF variant. I’m not very familiar with this modification but it should offer some flexibility and interesting gameplay possibilities.

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  1. Is it clear yet if this will feature semi-clickable cockpits just like CloD? If so, it’ll be an instant buy for me. iL-2 is great but just lacks that extra bit of immersion with always just pressing E as if I’m starting an electric car instead of a warbird.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m not sure but I would assume that whatever is currently supported in IL-2: Cliffs of Dover will continue to be in their next update.

      I haven’t seen any statements from the team confirming the feature either.


  2. 57.GIAP.MADOV says:

    A clickable cockpit is a real bonus if you don’t have a good HOTAS arrangement but if most of what you would otherwise want to click is immediately to hand then it’s less of an advantage. I won’t be flying anymore in CloD and the Team Fusion successors until they incorporate VR into their platform but I do wish them luck as they did such a great job with resurrecting Cliffs in the first place.

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