Bf109G-4 and MiG-3 get 4K upgrade in IL-2

The IL-2: Great Battles Series has had 4K texture capability for a couple of years now, however, going back to redo textures for older aircraft takes time. Fortunately, thanks to 1CGS and two talented skin artists in the community, 4K updates keep coming with the LaGG-3 and Yak-1 being among the most recent recipients. Now, it’s the Bf109G-4 and the MiG-3. Let’s have a quick look!

MiG and G-4 go 4K

4K textures add sharpness and detail to aircraft models making them appear just a little more real and lifelike than before and making even small tiny decals on the side of the aircraft readable. The Bf109G-4 and MiG-3 get the treatment thanks to work by Martin =ICDP= Catney for the MiG and and Francisco =BlackHellHound1= Bindraban on the Bf109.

Textures aren’t just a paint job on the side of the aircraft either as additional layers of textures affect reflections and additional texture details. All of these things have been redone as well by these two talented skin artists. Great work folks!

The upgraded textures are slated to appear in the next major IL-2 update. Check out this week’s developer diary for more screenshots.


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  1. Stephen Parker says:

    Thanks for your frequent IL2 and DCS updates. Your site and my online squadron forum are my go-to first things I check daily. Your tone is just right, never snarky. You post like an adult rather than whining about some personal gripe or “I wanted this aircraft rather than the one they selected.”

    The MiG-3 pictured here had a bad historical reputation but when we flew a sixteen mission campaign (half of the squadron opted for the I-26 :-0 ) I found the BoX MiG-3 to be a fine aircraft. I suspect the ground handling is massaged to be easier in real life as are all BoX single-engine fighters. If not the MiG-3 would be a bear on the ground and we’d have people torque-rolling into the ground after liftoff.

    Anyway, great stuff. As I said, your posts are a positive way to begin the day.

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    1. Stephen Parker says:

      I mean I-16, not I-26.

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    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Stephen,

      Many thanks for the kind words! I’ve always been more of an optimist and while I think it important to point out flaws I also try and take in a big picture perspective of everything. There’s much fun to be had in this hobby!

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