IL-2 gets new east front vehicles, pilots, more on future details

This week’s IL-2: Great Battles Series developer diary is not really focused on any one thing but generally talking improvements to the series including some new ground vehicles for the eastern front as well as talk about future changes including what is coming in 4.005 including some big damage model updates. Oh and we get to see our first images of the new Soviet summertime pilot.

Update incoming

Wings and engines are a bit of a weak spot for some IL-2 aircraft including the P-47. Perhaps not anymore!

The next IL-2 update, patch 4.005, promises to bring in some interesting features and one that I have some big hopes for. That would be the damage modeling which IL-2 is generally excellent at and is in most ways the most advanced in the genre (with DCS World looking to catch up sometime sooner or later). Still, it’s not a perfect system and so there are some quirks. Here’s what 1CGS had to say this week.

Right now we’re testing the next update 4.005 which will include a number of improvements for the damage modeling, especially aircraft damage (but it is more general than that, the way weapons affect various objects is also changing). We did a lot of research observing the community opinion on the various aspects of the current damage system that require attention and corrected our priorities basing on it. In the near future, we plan to publish a special Dev Blog issue completely dedicated to this matter.

This is definitely exciting and I hope specifically that the team has had a chance to look at a couple of aircraft such as the P-47 which seems to be inconsistent with its hangarmates – in some tests the P-51 in IL-2 has shown to be more capable of resisting battle damage than the P-47. This seems to be made worse by the engine in the P-47 stopping from most kinds of battle damage – not something the aircraft was particularly well known for.

Fortunately, it does sound like some adjustments are coming in. It’ll be interesting to see what 1CGS has planned and I look forward to the future developer diary update.

More AI improvements have also been mentioned with IL-2’s AI now receiving regular updates from patch to patch and the improvements really starting to pay off for long time single player pilots. Can’t wait to see what the latest improvements are!

New pilot, vehicles

This week we got a peek at the work in progress pilot model for Soviet pilots on the eastern front during the summer months as well as some new vehicles. Included are fuel trucks and ambulances for the eastern front. They look great and of equal detail to what we’ve seen for the western front addition.

The only “bad” thing about this is that I do hope that the rest of the vehicles see an update at some point too. These new ones look fantastic! I also want to know if the fuel trucks will explode in a bigger way when hit – could make strafing columns of vehicles potentially more interesting or even hazardous if you hit the wrong truck and the wrong time.

Also coming in 4.005?

Not mentioned in this week’s update but something I think we may see based on the IL-2 roadmap is the Yak-9. It’s expected to release first with the Yak-9T coming soon after followed by the P-47D-22 and the Hurricane Mark II after that.

We’ll find out soon enough! For the rest, read the latest IL-2 developer diary!

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  1. bigalrico says:

    This DD is just great.
    The AI improvements are indeed just awesome and already our mechanical friends can trick you. (Try competing against Migs with a MC 202 – no fun 😉 )

    The ground vehicles are a nice addition, but I also hope that they will give the guns and the soldier models a little facelift, because it looks very strange to see the old and new models side by side.

    If you look closely, the future russian pilots wear different uniforms. Unfortunately I am not a big expert in uniforms and I doubt that one of them was worn by bomber crews – or was it? Could it be early and later uniforms? It remains exciting to see what comes out in the end 🙂

    As for the planes I think I have no hope for the P-47 in the next patch or so soon in the near future. We haven’t seen anything of it yet and in the normal case we can see some development pictures of the planes. So I actually have higher hopes for the Hurricane, that they have changed places and will come together with the Yak-9 (which would be fantastic). After all, due to the sale, we should not expect an update until early-mid-March, so there is still some time 🙂



  2. VK-94 says:

    I am still amazed at the follow up this franchise gets from the developper. This is true labor of love.

    Liked by 1 person

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