DCS: F-16C mini-update provides direction for next update, new feature

Matt Wagner posted on the DCS World forums earlier today with an update on the DCS: F-16C. In the update, he focused on some of the features that the team is working towards on the F-16 over the medium term. Plus… a minor feature involving the cockpit tint that some players have been asking for. Let’s have a look!

Choose your tint

Though not always obvious, the F-16C’s cockpit canopy in DCS World has a slightly golden tint to it. Soon, that will be just one of two options.

There’s been a minor debate in the DCS World community on the kind of tint that they want to see in the cockpit of the DCS: F-16C Viper. Real world Vipers have traditionally had a golden tint on their canopy but more recently have been receiving canopies with a clearer composition and less tint. Eagle Dynamics has you covered now with an option for both!

Choose your tint! Rim styles, spoilers and running lights stay military standard however 😉

New feature directions

Over the next little while, Eagle Dynamics is planning to work on the following features that they intend for the next update:

  1. Continued work on the Dogfight switch functions
  2. Addition of the DLZ to the radar page, Dogfight HUD, and HMCS
  3. Fix incorrect IFF ID in network play
  4. Adding new interactive training missions
  5. Adjusted horizon line when on the Persian Gulf map
  6. Adding flight to refuel commands

In the medium-term, they are also intending to work on the following:

  1. Many new skins that will first focus on actual USAF/ANG Blk 50 operators
  2. Steering cue adjustments
  3. Next phase in damage modeling
  4. Better accounting for wind in the flight dynamics

All of these features sound good and I’m particularly excited to see the many new skins that they have planned, the new steering cue adjustments, and updates to the dogfight mode for the jet. All of these are meant to make the jet more complete and more capable.

I do hope also that we see some more official skins from ED that cover other nations. The F-16C is widely flown all over the world and so I want to see everything from your typical paint schemes to some of the more dramatic schemes worn by USAF and other nations around the world. All aimed at making the F-16C a more interesting aircraft visually.

Read the full mini-update from Matt Wagner here.

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