Video of IL-2's updated damage model, insights into next steps

The 1CGS team is moving from their usual offices to work from home and that means that the usual Developer Diary update is not happening this week, however, Jason Williams had something else in mind anyways. We’ve got a great new video showing off the latest build of the IL-2 and the update to the damage modeling for the series. There are new details so lets get to it!

This is phase one

Updating the damage model and the updates that are coming soon are part of a multipart process. The first part involves updates to the structure of the aircraft.

Following the structural updates, the team will be turning their attention to the engine damage modeling and then on to systems modeling updates. Jason mentions hydraulic damage specifically so I’m wondering if we may then see things like undercarriage dropping after massive hydraulic failure.

In any case, 1CGS looks to be aiming to make their damage modeling as good as they can and these updates will make a difference.

Jason also talked about potentially upgrading the damage modeling with the damage textures. That could be done by a third party as Jason Williams suggests. More advanced visual damage modeling will apparently require an engine update.

What does this first damage model update really do?

Based on the video that we saw and the comments from Jason, it looks like situations where wings detach after a few hits. Even some of the sturdiest aircraft of the war seemed to suffer from this a bit more than you’d expect and so these changes and update seem to help rectify that issue.

It’s especially good news to people who fly some of the tougher aircraft like the IL-2 and the P-47 which seemed a little too vulnerable. It’s likely that some other types that are smaller and less well known for being tough will feel similar but we’ll have to see when this arrives.


The update is coming around the end of the month and maybe even as soon as next week but that will likely depending on how 1CGS team makes the transition to working from home. The next patch will come with the enhanced damage model and it may also come with some new content including the new Yak-9 Collector Plane.

We’re expecting the Yak-9T to follow it in a future patch along with the P-47D-22 and the Hurricane Mark II.

I’m hopeful that the current worldwide disruptions won’t affect new content releases too much, however, the safety of everyone is most important and only after that can we hope to see things come from the team. A little new content right now would be of course a very nice thing too…

Stay healthy and safe out there folks!

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  1. bigalrico says:

    Probably one of the biggest highlights of the month besides Petrovich’s explanations. Apart from the planned changes, it is likely to remain exciting in the future. I am curious to see how they will develop the hydraulic systems and I am looking forward to this new part of the series. It also gives me the impression that the engine updates will probably continue seamlessly after the airframes.
    There were also some questions that Jason had answered in the Russian forum, which were also interesting to read. There, too, various things would be outsorced. In general it would be a great idea to adapt and improve the visual damage models, even if they are from a third party. Although the current ones are not bad, it is always a good idea to keep up with the times and if necessary invest a bit extra effort.

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