Eagle Dynamics is working on first three unique Supercarriers, AIM-120

A few updates from Eagle Dynamics over the last couple of days have focused on wildly different things from the launch of the Fw190A-8 into full release to showing off the unique geometry of the different Supercarriers and showing off their latest research aimed at making the AIM-120 even more realistic. Let’s have a look!

Unique carriers

Not being as well read about the USN’s Super Carrier fleet, I didn’t realize that there were some significant differences between each of the ships even just one registry number from each other. Eagle Dynamics is bringing five carriers to the DCS: Supercarrier module and have released screenshots showing off the first three that will come in early access. Have a look at these.

Each carrier has been advertised as having their own unique marks and configurations, however, I thought the differences would be more subtle. It’s an interesting thing to see and I’m pleased that Eagle Dynamics is going to such detail with this module – though that part is hardly a surprise.

AIM-120 BVR arms race heats up

Eagle Dynamics has started responding to criticism that their AIM-120 modeling was not quite at the level that it should be. The recent addition of the SD-10 and years of very well researched critiques of the missile’s modeling have resulted in changes to the AIM-7 and the AIM-120 is next to get the detailed treatment.

Surely other missiles will be getting the update as well over time.

The images above are visualizations in high end modeling software to calculate the aerodynamics of the missile in different flight regimes. Hopefully this will add a little range and result in more realistic usages.

Free trials continue

Eagle Dynamics’ Stay at Home sale and free trial period continues. I’ve put up a page that I will keep updated with the sale while it lasts. The F-14 is up next.

Eagle Dynamics has also added campaigns to the list of items that will ultimately go on sale with the sales lasting through to mid-April. With the times being as they are… these are great ways to collect some new content at a discount and dive into something fun and distracting.

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  1. Mike says:

    I was on the Lincoln from July 93 to end of April 97… good boat. can’t believe it’s been 24 years ago next month

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CanadaOne says:

    Always happy to read your articles.

    Looking forward to that carrier! Another three-weeks. Oh well.


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