Flight sim pilots come together in solidarity

I’m always impressed by the level of solidarity that the flight sim community can show and none more than in difficult times. Last week I wrote a post about the ITAF Italian Fighters squadron coming together to do some aerobatics to show solidarity among their members. I thought it was a great idea and I let a few others know about it as well. Everyone has responded in fantastic and unique ways. I want to share the ones that I’ve seen so far!


This virus has us locked up in our homes but that doesn’t mean we can’t use other means to get together. Let’s have a look at what everyone has been doing.

ITAF, the group that got this started, got their members together to do a second run of their first video. Tighter flying and aerobatics feature in this second video. Well done folks!

I asked the Grim Reapers to participate and participate they did in traditional Grim Reapers fashion. They got 66 of their members together to for a formation flight. Having 66 players together on a server in tight formation is a technically difficult challenge but it did work… for several seconds at least! Thanks guys!

Spudknocker and his flight group, ‘Spud’s Buds,’ did their own version featuring the DCS: F-14 and a missing man formation salute. Nicely done folks and thanks for participating!

Finally, I offer up a contribution that I took part in. Flying with a joint American-Canadian group, we chose the red, white and blue colours to symbolize our two countries joined together with the rest of the world in saluting everyone but especially the healthcare and essential workers that are at the forefront of this fight.

We will meet again

This has been an extraordinarily difficult time for people all across the world. It’s been hard for me personally as I hear stories of others in the community facing down far worse than I’ve seen. It’s been difficult for my friends in the healthcare field as it has been for those who have lost jobs and seen their worlds shut down to the countless others who have lost someone.

To borrow a quote from Queen Elizabeth II in her address last week… We will meet again. We will indeed. Stay safe and stay healthy and I send my best wishes to everyone out there.


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