DCS: JF-17 cockpit upgrades continue

Third party DCS WOrld developer Deka Ironwork Simulations is continuing to upgrade their DCS: JF-17 module which released at the end of last year. The Thunder, or “Jeff” as its known in the DCS World Community, is getting some new updates to the visuals in the cockpit. Let’s have a look!

Baking those textures

The new images, posted to their Facebook, detail some changes to the cockpit. They include night lighting modes for the MFD’s, new updates to how the cockpit lights appear in shade, direct sunlight, and reduced intensity, and most interestingly, some weather based effects which add a cockpit fogging and ice crystal formation.

The other thing you’ll note is that some shadows are now being baked into the texture work. This is a common practice and used in more places than you may suspect. Most of the time it appears so naturally that you’d never even noticed it was baked into the texture. This is a welcome update to the JF-17’s cockpit which continues to look a little spartan and lacking in depth compared to some other modules.

The visual appeal for this module has been steadily increasing as it was one of the weaker spots when the module first released though fortunately one of the only weak spots of an otherwise superb module launch.

Look for more updates from Deka Ironwork Simulations on their Facebook page.

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