Sturmovikfest Day Three: Change of scenery

It’s day three of Sturmovikfest and that means we’re now well on our way through the festival with lots of activity online last night and more to come. Tonight we change scenery a little and venture onto another server for the next couple of nights with combined arms dynamic frontlines. Yeah let’s have a look at that!

Meet you on Finnish Virtual Pilots -Dynamic War

The newest supporter on the list, Finnish Virtual Pilots – Dynamic War server is an eastern front based server running a dynamic frontline scenario across multiple eastern front themed maps with Moscow, Stalingrad and Kuban based aircraft as well as support for Tank Crew!

Over the next two nights, we’ll be flying-in on this server and encouraging members of the community to come join us.

The Finnish Virtual Pilots group has put together this server as a dynamic war with a moving frontline. Destroying or damaging targets directly impacts what the map looks like the next time the scenario restarts. It’s a bit like TAW but intended to be more casual and open to more pilots.

I’m particularly excited about the prospects of checking out Tank Crew multiplayer as its been hard to come by so far but I’m hoping that more servers will either support it or dedicated servers will begin to cater their own audiences towards that kind of battle – it’s what Tank Crew was really designed for.

If you’re in the Oceana region, once again it’s The Unprofessionals on the schedule. Give their server a look if you’re in that area as they have upgraded their hardware and I hear that things are working out really well over there too. They have a newbie friendly atmosphere so don’t hesitate to check in if you’re new.

Check it all out on the updated schedule

Check it all out on the updated schedule and be sure to check out the Finnish Virtual Pilots website and Discord.

Also, Wednesday’s Mass Formation event still has some spots open so if you’re interested in participating in some large scale formation flying you should check it out.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Samuel van der Hoeven says:

    When is the interview with Jason set to occur? Not seeing it in the schedule.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I had hoped to do the Q&A and release it before the festival was over. Been tough scheduling so that podcast episode will probably go out after the festival is over.


      1. Samuel van der Hoeven says:

        Okay good deal. Just glad to know it’s still happening! I’m looking forward to listening in.


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