RAZBAM teases something new

An image posted by RAZBAM developer ‘Prowler’ on their official Discord has teased something new from the third party developer and it has a lot of people thinking that this might be an English Electric Lightning. Let’s have a look!

The image and analysis

It’s not much to go on but the community has been quick to suggest that the above image is from an English Electric Lightning. RAZBAM developer ‘Prowler’ gave us precious little go on but did say this,

something in the pipeline (this is an actual render of the 3d mesh)

This is a high resolution image of something their art team is working on which is fairly impressive although I would advise that it is a ‘render’ as mentioned and not something from in-engine. Still, it looks impressively detailed!

The same image was posted to RAZBAM’s Facebook with a similarly cryptic message.

If it is an EE Lightning…

For about 20-years, the English Electric and later BAE Lightning was the RAF’s chief interceptor and the only interceptor of British design to reach past Mach 2.0. The aircraft had impressive performance from its two engines and was able to reach an altitude of 60,000 feet in 3-minutes when using the optimal climb profile.

It was an interceptor through and through and during trials it proved capable of intercepting even the high flying U-2 spyplane. The Lightning and the F-15 Eagle, another superb performer, were often compared together when comparing the climb and interceptor performance.

The Lightning was of course an otherwise earlier jet with less advanced sensors and weapon systems and had limited range making it an ideal interceptor. Later versions carried more fuel and that made them more suited to other tasks such as a photo reconnaissance aircraft.

It’d be an interesting addition to the DCS World line-up and another piece in what is an emerging Cold War era aircraft line-up.

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  1. 79vRAF says:

    This is something I’ve really hoped to see for some time. We really could do with some more RAF aircraft. I don’t know that this should be the first choice of RAF aircraft as it’s roles are pretty limited but it’s one I couldn’t refuse! The missiles are pretty useless, there is no BVR capability and we only really have a Mig-21 to match it up with at the moment (23 will probably arrive before this though). But haven’t really got the right oppositions for this (as usual for DCS!). Need a Tu-16, updated Tu-95, M-6 Bison.

    Anyway, excited if it’s a Lightning!

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  2. clannk says:

    Being honest, I love most of the planes from earlier times, and most of the ones from later. Helos and the rest – like it.

    This one? Based on what I’ve read, it’s like the Starfighter – super cool, super fast, but not much else…


  3. schurem says:

    Lightning was actually really good at BFM. It had tons of thrust and fine aerodynamics, lots of control authority. A good lighting pilot could give a viper or an eagle driver a run for his money… For five minutes. After that it was bingo, RTB.


  4. Fernando says:

    I hope to see the MiG-23 and Bo-105 plus finish all the other modules before this one. mmm maybe to much inside the basket?

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    1. Blue 5 says:

      I agree with Fernando about the devleopment approach; the whole DCS line lacks a comprehensible plan and there are so many ‘WiPs’ out there. However, a Lightning is just too cool and I would buy it for the sheer awesomeness rather than any actual utility in game terms.

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