DCS: Supercarrier preview video round-up (updated)

Several popular DCS YouTube channels now have access to DCS: Supercarrier a bit early and are putting the new module through it’s paces. Here is a round-up of videos that have come out so far as well as a few extra tidbits of what we’ve learned through their release.

Videos of DCS: Supercarrier

So far two channels have released videos and I expect others will release in the next day or two in which case I will update this post so be sure to check back.

The first group to release some videos are The Grim Reapers who have done two videos. The first video shows off the carrier in general. It looks at the new carrier model, the damage model and how weapon impacts affect the look of the ship, the ship’s air defenses, and even how the F/A-18C and F-14 Tomcat differ in their procedures for takeoff.

One of the things that I learned in this video is that the initial fears that the F-14 wouldn’t make release have been alleviated during the delays that Eagle Dynamics has added to the release of this module. The F-14 is supported and appears to have about 95% off what the F/A-18C has – minus maybe a few matching hand signals for F-14 operations.

Video two from the Grim Reapers walks through a takeoff procedure using their group learning style that they usually do. I like it and found this video to be really useful – especially with the hand signals!

The second channel to release videos is Spudknocker who has a really in-depth look at operations with the Hornet as well as a really cool cinematic piece at the start.

Can’t wait to try this myself

DCS: Supercarrier is somewhat unique in the DCS World line-up and so I’m very excited to try it out for myself. What I’ve seen looks really impressive and the animations are better than I had expected as well.

Rumours have placed launch at next week which is reasonable given that we’ve not had an open beta update for a couple of weeks now and we usually get one after at least a few weeks. Time will tell!

More videos!

Updated May 16 at 9:41 am EDT

Since writing this round-up more videos have been released.

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