Stormbirds Podcast Episode 2: Q&A With Jason Williams plus Yak-9 giveaway!

Stormbirds Podcast Episode 2 is ready to launch and will be coming out this Friday at 11:00 am EDT. Episode 2 features Jason Williams, Lead Producer for IL-2: Great Battles, in a far reaching conversation on flight sims in general as well as lots of talk about the IL-2 series and what’s coming in the near future plus even a few tidbits on what’s coming further down the road. I’m also giving away one Yak-9 and one Yak-9T to celebrate the launch of the podcast and the impending arrival of patch 4.006!

Checking in with Jason Williams

The episode and Q&A that I recorded with Jason is far reaching as I tried to touch on all aspects of the IL-2: Great Battles series including Tank Crew and Flying Circus. We talked about past flight sims and Jason gives some great insights on titles that he used to fly and they will be ones that many of you remember too.

We also talked about updates, new content including a long list of single player content that the team is building or partnered on, and even a little bit about the Pacific theatre and what the Team Fusion Simulations group is doing and how they are connected to Jason and the rest of the IL-2 team.

The episode gave me new insights into what the team is working on and what they are doing behind the scenes.

Many of your questions asked, more to come

When I announced Sturmovikfest and that I was doing a Q&A with Jason, I had many people sent me questions. I have several pages worth of questions actually! I wanted to thank everyone for sending in those questions because it gave me a lot of insight into what everyone else is thinking about. I kept them all in mind when doing the Q&A.

I wanted to keep the episode to around an hour (we overshot a bit) and we got through a lot of questions but certainly not all of them. I know there are so many burning questions still out there and we have talked about doing another Q&A sometime. We could even do that with other members of the 1CGS team present, so we can talk about some more specific items in-depth.

If you end up liking this first Q&A with Jason I’d be up for doing more with him and asking more of your questions or tackling certain themes.

Episode 2 is the second ever podcast episode that I’ve ever produced in any meaningful way so go gently on both Jason and I as we had to figure out some technical issues to even get the episode to work. I really hope you enjoy it!

Yak-9 and Yak-9T giveaway!

Celebrating the fourth year of, the Sturmovikfest, the launch of the Stormbirds Podcast, and the impending launch of patch 4.006, I wanted to give something to mark those occasions and so I am offering up two Yak-9’s as part of a give away.

I will be offering one Yak-9 and one Yak-9T in a giveaway on Friday. The giveaway will be happening on Requiem’s Discord in the giveaway channel. All you need to do is login there, find the #giveaway-page, click the ‘tada’ icon under the giveaway for one or both aircraft and you will be entered. I will re-roll in the unlikely event that the same person gets both.

Coming Friday!

As mentioned at the start, my upcoming Q&A with Jason Williams launches this Friday at 11:00 am EDT on the Stormbirds YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

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  1. bigalrico says:

    I really liked the first episode and now I can barely wait for the second one 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jean-Francois Durand says:

    Great !! I dont want to miss teh second and speak about the Yaks


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