New DCS: A-10C II video focuses on laser JDAM

Another new video is out from Eagle Dynamic’s Matt Wagner and this one is focused on the DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer and the new GBU-54 laser-JDAM. Check out this new walkthrough video to get a sense of how to employ the new weapon.

Multi-mode and multi-use GBU-54

One weapon in the US arsenal which I really did not have a clear understanding of was the GBU-54. This is a JDAM, a GPS guidance kit for more conventional bombs, but its unlike any that I previously knew about. The GBU-54 combines the best of GPS and INS guidance with a laser seeker – enabling more precise targeting and, critically, the ability to hit moving targets.

This weapon is the subject of Matt’s latest video. If you’re an A-10C driver, you’re going to want to watch this versatile weapon overview.


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  1. Eviscerador says:

    For realistic loadouts this weapon is a Godsend. Still it is a JDAM so that means you can only bring 4 of them in your 4 smart pylons (6 if you don’t want to bring Mavericks) but realistically that’s what they do. As far as I know, currently they only use this kind of weapon since it is cheap and more versatile than having LGB and JDAM in your inventory.

    For the usual ground pound mission in most of the MP servers where quantity is always required, the usual triple racks with 6 LGB + Mavericks will still be king.

    Now when RAZBAM introduce them to the Harrier with the Smart triple rack… now we are talking!

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