AI and damage models subject of DCS update

The DCS World Weekend News update is here and it brings with it a few tasty morsels of information that will be of great interest for DCS World War II fans in particular. The new damage models appear to be nearing the final stages before being released to the public and there’s some AI tweaks coming that should help that area too. Let’s have a look!

AI and damage model updates

DCS WWII is still, I maintain, in its infancy but it is beginning to grow and we’re seeing the fruits of some long labours coming to make this part of the DCS experience all the better. AI is one area that needs some dramatic improvements and so we’re learning a little about what they are planning with this quote.

Our improved AI will encompass variable decision making protocols dependent on a continuously calculated environment in order to enhance fight/disengage/run behaviour. The AI will make emergency landing decisions on land or water (ditch), it can also react in case of sudden attacks even if the attacker is not visible.

All of this sounds great and if it takes the AI from having nearly godlike spotting powers down to something more resembling a human – I will be a huge fan. The update goes on to say that the AI will be able to make judgements for itself now determining if it should fight on or disengage and return to base due to damage – or bail out if its a lost cause. Nice.

That dovetails nicely into the damage model update which was also talked about this week. Eagle Dynamics reports that they are nearly done their internal testing of the damage model update and that they intend to unleash it onto the public at the end of the month.

The update goes on to say,

Each aircraft has unique hydraulics, pneumatic and electrical systems and materials. As a result, the predicted damage depends on the type of munition, munition velocity dependent on distance and location of impact. The internal effects such as engine/radiator damage, coolant or oil temperature variation, loss of pressure, loss of control or other effects will generate the corresponding internal and/or external visual effects.

All of their released fighters have apparently been already updated and their AI piloted bombers are due to get this upgrade next. Following that, more modern jets will begin to see this technology emerge which should lead to more nuanced damage profiles there too.

Also released were a selection of screenshots showing off the new feature in visual action. Although its more of an experienced than viewed kind of thing, the screenshots do give us a good indication of some of the more subtle ways we’ll see damage. From the thin trail of oil off of that Fw190D-9 to the entire aircraft ablaze.

For the rest, check out the DCS World Weekend News update.


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  1. padinn says:

    Not sure how to message you, but Honeycomb put a few pictures of their Charlie rudder pedals up on their Facebook. Confirmed some details (metal pedals) in comments too.

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