DCS: A-10 gets updated gun sounds

A new video from Eagle Dynamics and trailer maker Glowing Amraam shows off the new sounds being put together for the the DCS: A-10. I left off the A and C indicator as it seems Eagle Dynamics is making this change across the board. Here’s the details!

More BRRRRRT for your BRRRRT

The sound of the GAU-8/A Avenger cannon is unmistakable if you’ve heard it before (on video or in real life) and while the current sounds are extremely adequate, it seems the sound team at Eagle Dynamics have decided to make another run at creating a simulated soundscape for this weapon and it appears that they have succeeded.

Seeing, or in this case hearing, is believing.

Coming next patch

According to both the video and Eagle Dynamic’s community manager NineLine, this updated sound effect will be part of the next Open Beta update for DCS World. It’s not just the A-10C II that gets this but also the A-10C and A-10A (part of Flaming Cliffs 3) which are also receiving the update.

Look for that soon!


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