Microsoft Flight Simulator’s next update is out. is here!

A new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out with version number now available for updating. The patch brings a few critical fixes and a smattering of other updates. Let’s have a look!

Planes, airports and more

The VFR map is fixed meaning those bush flights should be a bit easier once again.

The first thing I saw on the patch notes is that the VFR map no longer causes a crash to desktop. Good news! That was a troublesome bug and one that I’m glad to see gone as its been a bit of a “roll the dice” moment every time I wanted to make use of the features of the VFR map.

The second thing on the patch notes is another very good fix to have. Avionics screens and buttons will no longer shut off randomly. Excellent!

Also listed are things like reduced oscillation for some autopilots, adjusted heights of some auto gen buildings, and various quality of life fixes.

The patch notes are available here on the Microsoft website.

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  1. Doctor Drago says:

    Hi, Shamrock. Apologies for digging up an older post, but since it’s currently the most recent MSFS one it’ll do!

    How have you been finding the sim since the latest round of patches? I got in on day one, had a huge amount of problems, and decided to refund and let it cook a little more. I’ve kept up on your patch update posts, and I’m curious what your impression and experience are like after the latest round?
    I appreciate the insight! Thanks


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Doctor Drago,

      Mileage seems to vary depending on who you ask. For me it was the first big patch after the initial launch problems that solved quite a bit – performance has been significantly smoother after that first patch and I’ve enjoyed flying ever since (and I have new articles coming up).

      There are still problems with autopilot but some of those problems have been fixed. Some people are still up in arms with the simplified airliners but I don’t think the second issue will be satisfied until PMDG or Aerosoft or someone else comes out with a high end model.

      Depends on what you ran into in those early days. I haven’t heard of anyone having the installer issues that we saw on launch.

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      1. Doctor Drago says:

        Thanks Shamrock! Performance was the main thing. Maybe time to consider giving it another shot? Appreciate the reply!

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