Hurricane readies for release, C-47 too!

The next patch for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles brings two new aircraft to the collection – one as a flyable Collector Plane and the other as an AI-only type (for now – more on that in a bit). I am speaking of the Hurricane Mark II and the C-47 of course! Let’s have a look!

Time for the Hurricane

We’ve waited a long time to see the Hurricane Mark II but it looks like the wait was worth it as this seems to be the most comprehensive collection of variants for the Mark II that I’ve ever seen in a combat sim. While the Hurricane Mark II has been seen in past iterations and returned with some new options in Desert Wings – Tobruk, it’s here that we’ve got even more options. And this is the final tally:

  • Hurricane Mk.IIa – default model with eight Browning .303 MGs;
  • Hurricane Mk.IIb – modification with twelve (!) Browning .303 MGs;
  • Hurricane Mk.IIc – modification with four 20mm Hispano Mk.II guns;
  • Hurricane Mk.IId – two assault modifications with two Browning .303 MGs and two 40mm Vickers S Class guns, with or without additional armor plates;
  • Hurricane Mk.II Soviet – modification armed with Soviet bombs, unguided rockets, two 12.7mm UBK MGs and two 20mm ShVAK cannons;

A Merlin-engine upgrade with added boost, a desert air filter for dusty conditions (used on the eastern front) and rear-view mirror, and both British and Soviet bombs round out the added modifications. Like I said…. comprehensive!

Then we get some screenshots showing all of these variations in use. Excellent!

And finally the cockpit which looks superb during the day and night!

The Skytrain is here

The C-47, Skytrain, Dakota, Dak, DC-3… the legendary Douglas twin engine transport aircraft of the 1930’s was such a successful design that it served in multiple wars with numerous air forces and saw extensive life as a civil transport right up to 2020 where a few are still flown in some more remote regions including a few still flying in Canada.

It’s coming to IL-2: Battle of Normandy in the form of the C-47A ‘Skytrain’ and its a type that saw extensive use during the D-Day invasion as well as before and well after. 1CGS is pulling out all of the stops with external cargo drops, cargo bay doors, and high detailing on all of the aircraft’s features. Not coming in the initial release is the new paratrooper model so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that.

Everyone now wants to know when this aircraft will be made flyable. While I don’t know the answer, 1CGS has given us the clearest indication that it may yet happen with this statement.

This legend will be finally reconstructed in our project, even if it is an AI only aircraft for now.

IL-2 developer diary

I’m going to hang on to that ‘for now’ statement for quite some time in the hopes that it might be a flyable type and finally introduce an Allied counterpart to the Ju52. I don’t think IL-2 needs a large collection of “non combat” aircraft but these iconic and essential transport types do have a place and there should be enough people interested to make it worth flying them.

Plus …. it looks great!

For these and more, check out the latest developer diary!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Det says:

    “This legend will be finally reconstructed in our project, even if it is an AI only aircraft for now.”

    Vague, non-answer as per the norm. Same with the B-25.

    The IL-2 series needs a counterpart to the Ju 52 considering how many people fly it in MP for expeditionary resupp and cargo missions. However, I’m getting tired of all the fighter-centric-spooge these guys keep shooting on everything in every release. The game is in desperate need of bombers, something we haven’t had in nearly 5 years since the release of BoM.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It has been a while since we got any new bombers in the series, however, it’s not quite that long ago. The A-20B and He111H-16 came with Battle of Kuban.

      Since then, however, no bombers. Battle of Normandy is introducing the Ar233, the Ju88C-6 (which admittedly is more attack than bomber), and depending on the Me410 variant – we may see that in a bomber role. It was used as one.

      I am hoping for a Mosquito bomber variant at the very least or that just slightly out of reach B-25. That’d be great!


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