DCS: F/A-18C November update gets a video, cool details!

Matt Wagner takes to YouTube once again to detail some upcoming changes to a DCS World module and this time it’s the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet that is getting some impressive new changes like the AZ/EL page, updated datalink symbology, and additions to what the helmet mounted display can show. It’s very cool stuff and as a regular Hornet pilot some of these updates are going to be invaluable!

Situational awareness king

One of the great advantages I find flying the Hornet on a regular basis is just how aware I can be of the battle around me. Thanks to the Link16 datalink feature feeding information from other aircraft and from a nearby AWACS, the Hornet can see the battle better than nearly any other jet in DCS World. These new updates add layers to that awareness.

AZ/EL shows a head-on view of where radar contacts are in vertical space giving you the ability to paint a picture of not only what distance and angle your possible enemy contact is but also an “at a glance” view of what altitude they are at. Superb! The FLIR system is going to be tied into this system as well which will allow for sneaky datalink tracking together with the targeting pod to help ID the target and potentially engage with a heat seeker.

Then there are the changes to the helmet mounted display feeding datalink information into the HMD. Friendly aircraft are displayed along with hostile contacts. Although the system is limited in its ability to display more than 7-total symbols at a time, the ability to see even that much information is a huge step forward for awareness. A new HMD page on the MFD will let you configure the display to show what you want it to show.

Additional air-to-ground features are going to be coming in a future patch.

Other new features and watch the video

The Hornet will also be getting a whole bunch of other updates. New grid coordinate information entries, improvements to HARM guidance, GPS weapon guidance, the ground effect issue, correcting the automatic IFF in TWS mode, and many more. Most or all of this is coming in the next Open Beta coming this week so stay tuned!

Watch the video right here:

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  1. Al-Azraq says:

    So hyped for the F-18 features. It is already an SA king but combining the new Helmet cues, AZ/EL page, and heat seekers, I can see myself hunting choppers at low level in Blue Flag with the radar off.

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