New TrueGrit Typhoon, Heatblur F-14A, and other DCS news

This post is all about the smaller bits of DCS World news items that have been trickling out this week including some new images of TrueGrit’s Eurofighter Typhoon, Heatblur showing off some teases of the F-14A, new updates for DCS World helicopters and more!

TrueGrit reporting good progress

It’s going to be quite some time still before we get our hands on TrueGrit’s DCS: Typhoon but the team behind the Eurofighter for DCS World is making progress. The latest images show off the exterior model in-engine which is always a good sign and it looks like the exterior texture work has made significant progress since we last saw it. It likely still has a ways to go but it’s definitely getting there.

With IRIS-T short range IR missile confirmed, TrueGrit is also attempting to make the Meteor missile a reality too and is in talks with MBDA to bring it to the sim – taking the appropriate precautions on what data can and can’t be shared. Either way, the Typhoon will represent an impressive performer in DCS World.

See more updates from TrueGrit on their Facebook page.

Reflected Simulations makes progress on Wolfpack, F-14 training

The campaign makers are Reflected Simulations is making progress on several projects for DCS World. First, their DCS: P-47 Wolfpack campaign is well underway and they are touting their efforts to make the player feel a part of a bigger whole including 36-48 ship formations of AI P-47’s. Sounds epic! Also I fear for everyone’s CPU… but I assume that it’s playable even at these scales.

Meanwhile, their ‘Zone 5’ ACM training campaign for the DCS: F-14 is well underway. Reflected Simulations did reach out to the US Navy to find out about using Topgun in the name, however, they were unable to get a response so they are doing a plan B where the campaign avoids the Topgun name and uses fictional squadrons and liveries instead. Seems like a good plan B. Here’s just one of the schemes that they are showing off. More on this and other news at Reflected Simuations’ Facebook page.

Heatblur’s F-14A is near?

The DCS: F-14 is more than just the B model that we have now. Heatblur is also setting us up with an A model as well. It’s been under development for some time and the TF-30 powered F-14A is nearly upon us.

They have a short video showing the F-14A’s yaw string, affixed to the nose, to help course correct on landings. Have a look on their Facebook page here.

Miltech-5 shows off B105 work

Remaining a passion project, Miltech-5 is continuing to work on the B105 PAH1A1 helicopter for DCS World. While Miltech-5 is also involved in the graphical work for the DCS: Typhoon project, they are still hoping to someday make their B105 project a reality. It’s had multiple false starts and a difficult time securing additional help to make this helicopter come true… but I have a feeling that their tenacity will eventually pay off.

A trickle of great OH-58 screenshots from Polychop

The developers at Polychop Simulations are working hard on their DCS: OH-58 Kiowa Warrior project and it looks like the project is really coming together. From their short updates, it seems like a lot of work is now being put into the flight model and avionics systems. These are critical updates and especially for Polychop that took a lot of flak from helicopter fans for their Gazelle project. Both the new Kiowa Warrior and their legacy Gazelle are being maintained and developed and hopefully we’ll see this developer emerge triumphant. I know I’m watching their OH-58 project with great interest!

Over the last month we’ve seen a steady trickle of screenshots (about one per week) showing off the helicopter in DCS World. I think it’s looking great and these help highlight the module as it makes progress towards release. ETA unknown.

Anything I missed?

There’s lots going on all the time and the past two months have been busy times for me so keeping up has been difficult but hopefully this recap helps keep all of us up to date on the very latest. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything!


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