Flight Simulator Update 6 is here

Microsoft released Update 6 for Flight Simulator yesterday with some good fixes to the sim and some unfortunate timing as Microsoft’s infrastructure struggled with the demand placed on it by the launch of XBox Series X. Here’s what you need to know about the latest update.

Slow downloads

Many users reported logging in to Microsoft Flight Simulator yesterday and being greeted with the update as well as extremely long load times that stretched hours when they usually took minutes to accomplish the same download. It’s likely that the launch of XBox Series X had something to do with it as it was widely reported that XBox Live and Microsoft servers in general seemed to be running slower than usual. Regardless of the reason, the patch seemed to download slowly for everyone and getting back to flying took a while with some taking to the forums and user groups expressing frustration.

The patch itself, however, seems to have been generally a good one with several more fixes in place.

Patch notes

In an update yesterday, Asobo Studios posted a warning about packages in your community folder not being updated that may cause performance issues. Here’s what they had to say about it,

Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.


The Community Folder his may have been the source of stability issues for many users and so it’s worth noting that downloading a lot of extras at this stage may have a negative effect on your sim experience. That said, extensibility is a core Flight Simulator feature and so it strikes me that Asobo will need to do more work to ensure that their sim can robustly handle add-ons as best as possible.

Now, on to the actual patch notes:


  • Navblue data has been updated
  • Navigation data date is now dynamically set in the avionics


  • ATC window should now list the entire name of approaches
  • ATC should respond to requests for changing an approach into an airport
  • User should now have the option to request an IFR clearance in the air even if they have a flight plan entered / loaded in their GPS
  • ATC should now respond to requests for changing runways while near / on approach to an airport


  • The Fly-by-wire bank oscillation has been fixed for the Airbus A320neo
  • The overpowered engine of the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner has been reduced
  • Fixed broken plane instruments when switching to Metrics via the options menu
  • Fixed cockpit interactions that were either getting mixed up or not working on 3rd party airplanes
  • All liveries should now be accessible in game and properly loaded


  • Lightning should no longer be triggered in clear skies


  • The sensitivity curve methodology has been adapted for the different inputs


  • New temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), along with new sharpen filter using AMD FidelityFX CAS

Find out more

For these notes and more, visit FlightSimulator.com.

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  1. 1_Robert_ says:

    Thanks again for update. I just got an email that my Reverb2 has shipped. Hopefully VR soon and I can finally give it a try.

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